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Daiki Yanagita, Hiroki Ueyama, Ryota Suzuki, Ryuichiro Sakai (AP) from the left after finishing the men's 400m relay qualifying

Daiki Yanagita, Hiroki Ueyama, Ryota Suzuki, Ryuichiro Sakai (AP) from the left after finishing the men’s 400m relay qualifying

  • Ryuichiro Sakai (AP) in the 1st run of the men's 400m relay qualifying

◇ 8th ◇ 22nd (23rd Japan time) ◇ Eugene (Oregon, USA) Hayward Field ◇ Men’s 400m Relay Qualifying

Japan was disqualified from the qualifying in the men’s 400m relay aiming for three consecutive medals. In 38.78 seconds, he finished 4th in a group. The conditions for qualifying to break through were the top two teams with a time of 3rd and 4th or less in each group, so there was a possibility that they would be saved by the time, but after that, they were judged to be disqualified.

I faced with a fresh “relay samurai”. The first runner advanced to the semi-finals at 100 meters Ryuichiro Sakai (24 = Osaka Gas), the second runner replaced Sani Brown with Ryota Suzuki (23 = Suzuki), and the third runner advanced to the semi-finals at 200 meters. (23 = Sumitomo Electric), the fourth runner is the youngest 18-year-old, Daiki Yanagita (18 = Toyo Univ.). Everyone was the first to participate.

Sakai made a good start in the first run, but the baton pass in the second run, Suzuki and the third run, Kamiyama, was delayed and lost time. Still, anchor Yanagita finally overtook China to finish in 4th place.

Japan has won the bronze medal for the past two tournaments in a row, but missed the final. Suzuki in the second run said, “The baton in the second to third runs didn’t go well. I thought it would be difficult to do it well on such a stage.”

Ueyama of the third run also said, “I was aiming for a medal because I would remain in the final and compete, but I am disappointed that I missed the baton. I thought that I had to improve my strength and compete firmly.” I regretted the mistake.

Yanagida, who made his first appearance as an anchor, also vowed to revenge, saying, “I’m honestly full of regret. I was selected only by the relay, so I want to strengthen myself and come back.”

Ace Sani Brown Hakim (Tumbleweed TC), who was supposed to be the second runner, missed. The reaction of 100 meters that advanced to the first final of the Japanese team was great.

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