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Kitaguchi (Reuters) rushes to the stand after deciding a bronze medal in a women's javelin throw

Kitaguchi (Reuters) rushes to the stand after deciding a bronze medal in a women’s javelin throw

  • Haruka Kitaguchi (AP) throwing a spear in the final

  • North Exit (Reuters) throwing spear in the final

◇ 8th ◇ 22nd (23rd Japan time) ◇ Eugene (Oregon, USA) Hayward Field ◇ Women’s Throw Final

Japan record holder Haruka Kitaguchi (JAL) won the bronze medal by recording 63 meters 27 in the women’s javelin throw. It was the first medal in the Japan Women’s World Championships in throwing events, including the Olympics.

Kitaguchi, who got the long-sought medal in the reversal, wore the Hinomaru while crying. “I was very excited because all the other players are strong players. The first medal is not shining, but I’m glad I got the medal,” he commented with tears.

Kitaguchi, who was the second Japanese to advance to the final since Yuki Ebihara (8th) in the 2011 Daegu tournament, was third with a record of 62 meters 7 for the first time. She couldn’t reach the record with a foul the second time and 55 meters 78 the third time, but she was the third record and advanced to the fourth and subsequent times by the top eight.

The 4th time was 61m27 and the record was not improved, and the 5th time was a foul. Conversely, last year’s Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Liu Shiying (China) threw 63 meters 22 for the fourth time, and Winger (USA) threw 62 meters 17 for the fifth time, dropping to fifth place.

However, in the final sixth throw of the game aiming for a medal, he increased the record to 63 meters 27 and emerged second. He was then overtaken by a winger who threw 64 meters 05, but missed the long-sought podium in third place.

At the Tokyo Olympics last summer, the Japanese team advanced to the final for the first time in 57 years. However, due to the influence of his left flank that hurt in qualifying, the final ended in 12th place. After that, I didn’t have any spear for three months and concentrated on building my body. He has made a comeback and is back on the world stage.

In June, he won the world’s highest diamond league for the first time in Japan, and gained momentum to enter the decisive battle in Oregon. Qualifying passed at the top of the whole. Proved its true value. “The result of working as a team including trainers and coaches. This is not my goal yet, and I will do my best with the goal of money,” he said.

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