[World Athletics]Mile Samurai, 1600m relay Japan new & Asian record for the first time in 4th place is “really disappointing” –Athletics: Nikkan Sports

World Athletics, 1600m Relay Final Japan New Team 4th place Japanese team (AP)

World Athletics, 1600m Relay Final Japan New Team 4th place Japanese team (AP)

◇ 10th ◇ 24th ◇ Oregon, Oregon, USA ◇ Men’s 1600m Relay Final

[Eugene = Reisei Sato]The young “Mile Samurai” won the 4th place, the highest ever. He set a new record in Asia in addition to a new record in Japan at 2: 59.51, surpassing the record high of 7th place in the 2003 Paris tournament. The gold medal was 2: 56.17 in the United States. Jamaica was in second place, followed by Belgium in third place.

The final stage for Japanese men for the first time in 19 years. Fuma Sato (26 = Nasu Environment) -Ikuto Kawabata (23 = Chukyo Univ.)-Walsh Julian (25 = Fujitsu) -Yuki Nakajima Joseph (20 = Toyo Univ.) I ran fast.

The qualifying was a good record of 3: 1: 53 and advanced to the final in 2nd place overall after the United States. She was expected to win the first medal in the history of the event, but unfortunately she missed the podium.

After the race, the players regretted, Sato of the first run said, “I couldn’t make the flow and I couldn’t fulfill my duty.” Kawabata also regrets, “I couldn’t position myself well and couldn’t finish my race from beginning to end.” Julian said, “I’m just disappointed because I was aiming for a medal.” Nakajima also said, “I believed he had the ability to win medals. I was really disappointed because I challenged myself with the feeling that I had only medals.”

It gave me great confidence that I was in line with the Japanese record (3: 0.76) for the first time in 25 years at the Tokyo Olympics (Olympic Games) last year. He has improved his speed and stamina over the winter, including practicing with the world’s top players such as Michael Norman (USA). Sato and Walsh advance to the semi-finals even in the 400-meter individual event. In addition, young players from Kawabata and Nakajima also gained strength.

Although he did not reach the medal this time, he took a big step toward next year’s World Championships Budapest and the Paris Olympics two years later.

“I’ll focus on medals that no one has taken yet, and I’ll regret it until today, and I’d like to switch to the next one and work hard to aim for the medal,” Julian vowed to try again.

◆ Fuuga Sato Born June 1, 1996 in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture. 400 meters self-record 45 seconds 40.

◆ Kaito Kawabata was born on August 17, 1998 in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture. 400 meters self-record 45 seconds 73.

◆ Walsh Julian Born September 18, 1996 in Kingston, Jamaica. 400 meters self-record 45 seconds 13.

◆ Yuki Nakajima Joseph (Nakajima, Yuuki, Josefu) Born March 30, 2002 in Tachikawa, Tokyo. 400 meters self-record 46 seconds 07.

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