A food tech event “FUTURE FOOD EVENT” will be held at Yurakucho Marui! We will offer a new “delicious” experience through tasting events! ! |Press release from Marui Group Co., Ltd.


In recent years, the category of “food tech”, which combines food and technology, is attracting attention worldwide as an approach to solving social issues and improving health.
“I want to deliver the discovery of food that will lead to a new future and a gentle future to many people!”
With that in mind, we will hold the “FUTURE FOOD EVENT”, a food tech experience event that focuses on tastings with companies that share our thoughts.
Compared to the previous event, the scale of the event has been expanded, and overseas companies that have “landed in Japan for the first time” will also participate! Through the event, we will deliver a new, delicious, and sustainable “food” experience.

■ Introduction of participating brands


A new brand of soy meat that uses sprouted soybeans and is rich in umami and nutritional value. Please try SOYCLE, a flake type with a new sensation of “just pour it on and mix it.”

GRYLLUS (Gryllus Co., Ltd.)

A brand that simultaneously solves the two social issues of “protein crisis” and “food loss” by powdering crickets that feed on food loss and making them edible.
We offer lightly sweetened protein bars that allow you to efficiently consume characteristic nutrients such as protein and vitamins.

my fit (my fit: my fit Co., Ltd.)

Focusing on the problem that you do not know the nutrients and protein you need. It is a brand that provides protein that is individually formulated with ingredients, protein amount, and taste just by answering about 20 simple questions online.

Atelier Brown Rice Decaf (MNH Co., Ltd.)

We will deliver a simple and gentle drink “brown rice decaf” made from rice from Yamagata and Shonai. With no caffeine, you can enjoy the bitterness and sweetness of rice.
It’s hard to imagine what it will taste like, but I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Please try it once.

Kuracon Good for Vegans (Kuracon Co., Ltd.)

Kuracon original brand that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from those who are trying to eat healthy to those who are adopting vegetarian and vegan diets. Made without using any animal-derived ingredients.


An upcycled food brand that creates new added value by using malt lees (used grains), a by-product discarded from beer and whiskey breweries.
We offer crackers, granola, and more as healthy and sustainable shopping options that are rich in fiber and protein.

Ethical Spirits (Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd.)

A distillation venture that produces new-age gin and whiskey with the aim of realizing a circular economy. Sake lees that have been discarded in the process of making sake and beer nearing the expiration date are recycled as gin. Enjoy craft gin like never before.

ICHI-GO-CAN (Agnavi Co., Ltd.)

The world’s first ichigo (180ml) canned sake brand born from the desire to “enjoy Japanese sake more easily and more easily”.
We offer such carefully selected products that you can taste the sake brewery when you drink one go.

CRAFT FISH (Craft fish: Sakana Farm Co., Ltd.)

A brand of fish raised by sustainable methods, including land-based aquaculture, in pursuit of deliciousness and peace of mind.
We offer carefully selected products supervised by first-class chefs.

Regional Fish (Regional Fish Co., Ltd.)

A startup that contributes to resolving the world’s protein shortage and revitalizing the Japanese fishery industry and local economy through ultra-high-speed breeding by genome editing and smart aquaculture.
We offer a new variety, “22nd Century Fugu,” which grows twice as fast and boasts a plump texture.

CHEFBOX (Chef box: DELIPICKS Co., Ltd.)

Supervised by a chef who has experienced Michelin-starred restaurants! A frozen home meal service that allows you to enjoy the taste of an authentic restaurant just by heating it in the microwave. Just answer a 1-minute question and we will select the perfect dish for you from about 150 different menus.

CookingPal (Cooking Pal: CookingPal Limited) ★ Japan’s first landing

A smart kitchen appliance brand that landed in Japan for the first time. We develop all-in-one kitchen appliances that pursue ease of use.
Equipped with more than 15 functions such as preparation and cooking. By using a dedicated tablet, you can remotely reproduce recipes that are updated every week.

Hestan Cue (Felicidad Co., Ltd.)

We offer a new cooking method that allows you to control the cooking temperature from 38 degrees to 259 degrees in 1 degree increments by linking the heat source, cooking utensils, and recipes.
When the dedicated app, Hestan Cue IH heater, and cooking utensils are linked via Bluetooth, the IH heater and cooking utensils adjust the temperature while the app tells you the process. About 450 kinds of video recipes developed by Michelin chefs will guide you.
Enjoy a new-age cooking experience, like cooking according to your car navigation system!

■ Overview of the event

  • Period: August 1st (Monday) to August 18th (Thursday), 2022
  • Venue: Yurakucho Marui 1F
  • Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 *Closes at 19:00 on August 18 (Thursday)

* The holding period and venue are subject to change.For details, please see the store’s website
*We are taking the following measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
・Staff wearing masks
・Implementation of alcohol disinfection before entering the store
・Ensuring adequate social distancing
*Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection when entering the store and restrictions on entering the store when it is crowded.

▼ Click here for details of “FUTURE FOOD EVENT”

▼Yurakucho Marui


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