“BASIC KS delivered by DHL” DHL announces support for BASIC KS at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO:

[DHL Japan Co., Ltd.]

・ Positive fashion initiatives pursuing sustainability in the fashion industry

DHL Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Tony Kahn, Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), a leading international express company, will be a designer at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S / S, which will be held from August 29, 2022. Masanori Morikawa announced that she will support the show of the fashion brand “BASICKS” launched in 2021. If DHL, which aims to realize sustainable logistics with reduced environmental load, agrees with Mr. Morikawa’s new brand concept, which is making sustainable efforts from materials to distribution, and this opportunity will help to think about problems in the fashion industry as a whole. I thought.

Tony Khan, President and CEO of DHL Japan Co., Ltd., said, “There is no end to our efforts to pursue sustainable logistics. I am very pleased to be able to collaborate with Mr. Morikawa. “

As a designer of CHRISTIAN DADA, Mr. Morikawa participated in Fashion Week in Tokyo until 2018, after which he moved to Paris, but this time, the world premiere of the new brand BASICKS collection is Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO. 2023 S / S. DHL, an international transportation company that has been working toward the realization of sustainable logistics with a reduced environmental load, agrees with Mr. Morikawa’s brand policy, and this collaboration will be realized.

As an official sponsor, DHL supports the operation of Fashion Week around the world and has participated in Fashion Week in Tokyo for over 10 years. From 2011 to 2017, we awarded the “DHL Designer Award” with the aim of sending Japanese talent to the world, and have supported the overseas expansion of 13 groups of young designers. The encounter with designer Morikawa was triggered by the 2013 DHL Designer Award, which he received.

DHL has played a major role in the global supply chain of fashion and apparel products, such as delivering the latest fashion to stores around the world through speedy and reliable transportation utilizing our global network. This year, as a group, we are strongly supporting the resolution of environmental issues, such as issuing a white paper that considers issues in the fashion industry toward the realization of a sound-cycle economy.

The world premiere of the BASICKS collection by Mr. Morikawa is scheduled to be held at a logistics facility, which is the first attempt in the Japanese fashion industry.

To details of corporate press release (2022/07 / 26-18: 47)

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