Introducing the 4th “JINS 2022 Fall & Winter Fashion Collection” of the “Fashion Collection” series that transmits eyewear trends

With the theme of “NUANCE”, we have both a moderate sense of trend and ease of incorporation.

Like fashion, eyewear trends change every season. In the “Fashion Collection” series, we catch eyewear trends quickly and put them into designs that are easier to wear and send them with originality. Aiming to take root as a new trend in Japan, we started developing it in June 2021. “JINS 2022 Fall & Winter Fashion Collection”, the fourth model in the same series, will be a new model for autumn / winter 2022, and will develop 8 types of “nuance polygon” frames under the theme of “NUANCE”.
Despite being one of the trends, the polygonal frame has been considered difficult to choose due to its unique form. We started developing this product because we wanted people who wanted to wear trendy glasses but didn’t know how to choose and couldn’t take on the challenge. We have adopted a “nuance polygon”, which is a polygon with slightly rounded corners, to create a design that is easier to incorporate. Also, when choosing glasses, the size of the glasses relative to the face is very important, so this time we designed based on the average size of the Japanese face, such as the width and height of the face and the position of the eyes. The face is familiar when worn, and it is easy to match with anyone.

A lineup of 8 types of nuanced polygons that can be selected according to the impression you want to be

The product is available in 8 types of nuanced polygonal frames with a wide variety of variations that can be selected according to the impression you want. Each frame gives a different impression when worn. For example, the “Crown Panto,” which draws a straight line at the top of the frame, gives a cool impression, and the “Hexagon,” which features a hexagonal shape, gives a smart impression. The “peg top”, which is characterized by a shape like this, creates a gentle impression. You can create the impression you want with glasses. By incorporating trends into the usual style, we have completed glasses that can be upgraded to the next level.
Please enjoy autumn and winter fashion from the eyes with the new glasses proposed by JINS.

Product Summary

[Series name]JINS 2022 Fall & Winter Fashion Collection
[Lineup]24 types of 8 types
[Release date]Thursday, July 28, 2022 *Some products are scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 18.
[Price]¥8,800 (tax included) *Prescription lens included
[Accessories]Glasses case, Celite
[Sales channels]JINS stores nationwide, JINS online shop
[Official site]

Line up

  • Tapered (MRF-22A-052) / 3 colors

dignified impression
Accent the center of your face with a thick bridge. For a sharp and dignified face.

  • Hexagon (MRF-22A-053)/3 colors

smart impression

A neat ball shape and a metal bridge that makes the bridge of the nose look attractive. Gives an intelligent and smart impression.

  • Octagon (MRF-22A-054) / 3 colors

calm impression

The delicacy of the slender cell frame is softened in Boston. A calm and friendly expression.

  • Peg top (MMF-22A-055) / 3 colors

relaxed impression

A playful peg top for a casual look. Impression of relaxation in an instant.

  • Crown Panto (LRF-22A-056) / 3 colors *Scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 18

cool impression

With a straight blow, it casually claims strength of will. For a sophisticated and cool look.

  • Tapered (LRF-22A-057) / 3 colors *Scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 18

intellectual impression

Formal Wellington with new tapered tailoring.Gives a clean and intelligent impression

  • ​Peg top (LRF-22A-058) / 3 colors *Scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 18

gentle impression
The softness of the round arch and the metal bridge give it a loose feeling. If you decide to be soft and cute.

  • Oval Cat (LMF-22A-059) / 3 colors *Scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 18

elegant impression

A cat eye that fits your face and makes the metal frame look mature. For an unforgettable, elegant face.

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