[Same-day information]7/30 South Africa National Team Kumagaya Sports Culture Park Rugby Field A Ground | Taiyo Seimei JAPAN RUGBY CHALLENGE SERIES 2022 | Japan Rugby Football Union | RUGBY: FOR ALL “No Side Spirit” to Japan and the world.

On Saturday, July 30Kumagaya Sports Culture Park Rugby Ground A GroundInformation on the day of Taiyo Life JAPAN RUGBY CHALLENGE SERIES 2022 to be held at. Please take a look before you visit. (Updated from time to time)

Match information

◆ Battle

Japan vs South Africa

◆ Tournament schedule

Saturday, July 30, 2022 17:45 KO

Saitama / Kumagaya Sports Culture Park Rugby Ground A Ground

◆ Broadcast schedule

Broadcast / Distribution: J SPORTS4, J SPORTS On Demand

◆ Advance ticket sales are available only on the Internet (SAKURA CLUB TICKET, TicketRUGBY, Ticket Pia).

◆ Same-day tickets will be sold at the venue, but the operation may change due to changes in the infection status of the new corona and social conditions. In addition, if the planned number of tickets is sold in advance, the tickets will not be sold on the day.

◆ Please be sure to check the purchase method etc. in advance.

◆ Tickets are on sale online until 16:00 on the day of the match. (Except when sold out)

◆ Same-day ticket sales will end at 19:15.

◆ In any case (lost, destroyed, stolen, damaged, forgotten, etc.), we will not reissue the ticket.

Flow chart to the ticket office on the day

(Category 1 main reserved seat)

・ Up to 1 preschooler can watch the game on the knee for free. However, one ticket is required for each person to occupy a seat.

(Free in Category 2 area)

・ Up to 1 adult preschooler is free to watch the game. One ticket is required for each person from 2 or more people.

・ Elementary and junior high school tickets are for elementary to junior high school students. Please bring your student ID on the day of the match. Also, please note that tickets cannot be transferred to the general public.

We are taking measures against new coronavirus infections at the venue so that visitors can watch the game with peace of mind. Please check the new coronavirus infection control guidelines once again and comply with the items described.

Please cooperate in wearing masks at the venue, measuring the temperature at the time of admission, and disinfecting your hands.

Also, when removing the mask as a measure against heat stroke, please refrain from talking and vocalizing, consider cough etiquette, and wear a mask if there is conversation or vocalization.

If you are not feeling well while watching the game, please do not overdo it and talk to a security guard or staff member near you.

There are parking lots around the venue, but the number is limited, so we recommend public transportation.

There are multiple routes available for your visit. In order to reduce the new coronavirus infection, please refer to the following and cooperate in the distributed use of public transportation and the direct / bounce between your home and the venue.

Reference: Parking Lot / Access | Kumagaya Sports Culture Park | Saitama Prefectural Parks and Greenery Association (

On Saturday, July 30th, the day of the match, there will be a temporary bus service between Kumagaya Station and Kumagaya Rugby Stadium.

・ Kumagaya Station → Rugby Field (direct)

Kumagaya station departure time

15:28, 15:43, 15:58, 16:13, 16:28, 16:43, 16:58, 17:13, 17:28

・ Rugby field → Kumagaya station

It will run at any time from 19:15 after the match.

Fee: Cash / IC same amount Adult 220 yen

* Please note that the bus does not stop on the way.

* Please come early.

◆ Scheduled opening time 16:30

・ It may change depending on the situation.

・ It is expected that the entrance gate will be crowded just before the start of the game. Please come early.

Entrance gate

You can enter the venue from the A entrance and the D entrance.

At the time of admission, we will disinfect your hands and measure the temperature, so please cooperate. (Customers whose body temperature is found to be 37.5 degrees or higher cannot enter)

About re-entry

If you wish to re-enter the venue after entering the venue, please receive the “re-entry ticket” distributed at each gate.

◆ Items prohibited from being brought into the venue

For the safety management of the stadium and customers, we have designated items that are prohibited from being brought into the stadium. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

・ Firearms such as firecrackers, fireworks, and smoke bombs

・ Dangerous goods such as blades

・ Confetti

・ Other prohibited items specified by JRFU Other prohibited items specified by JRFU * Click here for details

・ You can bring in food and drink (amount that can be consumed by individuals).

・ When eating and drinking, please cooperate with silent meals that refrain from conversation.

◆ Other

・ There will be no distribution of participating player member lists. Please check here for match information.

・ There is a stroller / wheelchair storage area at each entrance gate, so please use it. In addition, it is not managed by the staff.

・ There is no storage place for luggage (coin lockers, etc.).

・ If you are using the baby care room (nursing / changing diaper room) or if you are not feeling well, please contact the staff near you.

・ If you are not feeling well, please contact the staff near you.

・ If you have any questions, please ask the staff and security guards inside and outside the venue.


We will hand out the tournament leaflet at the A entrance.

* Please note that it will end as soon as the planned number of distributions is reached.

◆ Lipovitan Fight Booth

Lipovitan jelly for all visitors for SportsWe are offering tasting.

* As the number of offers is limited, please come early.

[Venue]South Square outside the venue


◆ Canterbury sales booth

The Canterbury sales booth sells rugby representative goods from Japan.

Let’s dye the stadium red by wearing a replica jersey representing Japan.

[Venue]South Square outside the venue


◆ Women’s Japan representative support towel sales booth

1 sheet ¥ 2,000 (tax included)

[Venue]South Square outside the venue

[16: 00-18: 45 (planned)]


Information on JAPAN RUGBY SAKURA CLUB and members-only visit points will be given.

[Venue]South Square outside the venue

[16: 00-18: 45 (planned)]

◆ South Square food and drink sales booth

・ Nazar kebab

・ Genki Dama-tei

・ J ・ E ・ T Silk Road

・ Deep-fried chicken

・ Heritage

・ All Saitama

・ Usking bagle

・ Sweets Tsukasa Hanaogi

・ Omiya liquor store

[Venue]South Square outside the venue


・ Fukaya boiled hoto

[Place]Back stand concourse in the hall

[Implementation time]16: 30-End of match

that’s all

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