“CAPCOM Pro Tour 2022 World Warrior Japan Tournament” will be held by NTT-Sports Inc.! Start accepting entries for the 1st tournament!

[Capcom Co., Ltd.]

The first tournament starts at 13:00 on Sunday, August 21st!

“CAPCOM Pro Tour 2022”, where players from all over the world will compete in each region aiming for the annual champion in “Street Fighter V Champion Edition”, which is now on sale on PS4/PC!

Along with the “Online Premier” and “Offline Premier” held in each region, “World Warrior”, which was announced as a new tournament group this year, will be held all over the world by tournament organizers in each region for six months from July to December. It will be held multiple times in 26 regions.

This tournament consists of a regular tournament where points can be earned according to the ranking, and a regional final tournament with eight top point players. And, amazingly, the player who won the regional final tournament will get the right to participate in “CAPCOM CUP IX”!

NTTe-Sports Co., Ltd. has been selected as the tournament organizer for the World Warrior Japan Tournament!

NTTe-Sports Co., Ltd. will be the tournament organizer for the notable “World Warrior” Japan Tournament!
The implementation schedule of the Japan tournament, where a fierce battle is expected, and the entry URL link for each tournament are as follows.

1st Tournament: August 21st (Sun) 13: 00 ~
Now accepting entries

2nd Tournament: September 11th (Sun) 13:00~

3rd Tournament: Saturday, October 22nd 13: 00 ~

4th Tournament: November 27th (Sun) 13: 00 ~

5th Tournament: Saturday, December 3rd 13: 00 ~

Finals: December 25th (Sun) 13:00~

About Street Fighter V

The “Street Fighter” series became a big hit in “Street Fighter II” released in 1991 after the first commercial game machine was released in 1987. The innovative fighting system has attracted a lot of attention, and the genre of fighting games has been established, with a cumulative total of 48 million home video game software shipped worldwide (as of the end of June 2022). Thirty years after its introduction, it is still popular all over the world, and it has become a leading title in the fighting game field in eSports. We have introduced “Cross-platform” play, which is the first in the history of the “Street Fighter” series, in which “PlayStation (R) 4” users and his PC users can play against each other. In addition to the long-awaited additional characters, “Season 5” including many new costumes and new stages is being delivered.
Also, if you are starting now or want additional content so far, “SFV: Champion Edition + Season 5 Premium Pass Bundle” is recommended.

About Capcom Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1983, it is a leading company that has created numerous hit products in the game entertainment field. As representative works, we have series titles such as “Resident Evil”, “Monster Hunter”, “Street Fighter”, “Rockman”, and “Devil May Cry”. The company is headquartered in Osaka and has overseas subsidiaries in the US, UK, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

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