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2022.07.30 NEW

Looking for a setup!?

You know what the setup trend is these days? The top and bottom are made of the same fabric, so it is easy to be stylish. However, because it is simple, I feel that it is unsatisfactory as a fashionable person!? Then how about this setup for adults?

Introducing the original item that is indispensable for adult casual wear. At first glance, it looks like a simple set of T-shirts and shorts, but when you actually pick it up, the atmosphere is somewhat different. That’s no wonder, because it uses a melange material with a vintage feel, the gray makes the most of the color of the fabric, and the navy and green are dyed to create a fading atmosphere. Although it is a casual item, this dignity is truly impressive.

RHC Vintage College Sports Wear Collection
[RHC Vintage College Sportswear Collection]

In addition, detailed attention has been paid to the design. The football T-shirt with a modern silhouette with a switch on the chest and drop shoulders has white stitching to give it a vintage feel. And, the logo shorts dare to make the mesh line clear by knitting the fleece tightly, which also adds a vintage look.

Available in 3 colors: gray, navy, and green. Football T-shirt 14,300 yen each (more than RHC Ron Herman)Available in three colors: gray, navy, and green. Logo shorts 17,600 yen each (RHC Ron Herman)

Of course, we are particular about comfort. Thanks to the use of a thin, air-spun fabric with excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties, it has a cool and smooth texture that is perfect for hot summers. The form is comfortable, but it’s also comfortable to wear.

If you wear this casual yet mature look, it will be a good idea, but you can also wear a tailored jacket to upgrade your styling, so it will definitely be useful in a variety of situations!
From Saturday, July 30th, it will be on sale at RHC Ron Herman and Ron Herman “R” stores. Also available at Ron Herman online store.

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