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At this time of year, it looks simple and masculine, so it’s convenient to combine a white T-shirt with blue denim. But did you know that with just a few accents, you can look absolutely fresh?

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The flashy colors are also accented
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Of course, white T and blue denim are an eternal classic that never gets lost. Therefore, the reality is that if you coordinate without thinking about anything, you will end up with just this. But if you can get a slightly different impression without changing this basics at all, it’s worth trying. The method introduced this time is very easy! You can leave the simple white T-shirt and your favorite blue denim as they are. So, the way to make it look fresh is to add red. By adding a little active red to the refreshing white-blue, the whole thing is tightened. This time, I used red for the sneakers under my feet. Of course, this is also a white snail that incorporates red into the cap. You don’t have to wear a red shirt or other big item, but you can insert it with such a small item. It is fashionable to take it in casually. If you want to give it a nice look, choose a color that makes the red sneakers look a little dull, and it will look good with denim that has faded. Here is a pair of that is conscious of sustainability. copper? This way you can easily change your impression. By the way, white x blue x red is the American Star-Spangled Banner color. You will feel better!

T-shirt 17,600 yen (Ron Herman), painted denim pants 15,400 yen (Levi’s/Levi Strauss Japan), striped shirt 36,300 yen (Frank & Irene/Sazabi League), corduroy cap 5,720 yen (Cigar/Hand) Intree Showroom), chain necklace 33,000 yen (Think/Hand Intree Showroom), sunglasses 39,600 yen (Moscot/Moscot Tokyo), sneakers 9,900 yen (Converse/Converse Information Center)

Photo = Tomio Masashige Styling = Takeshi Yanagawa
Photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) Styling: Takeshi Yanagawa (remix)
* All prices include tax, with exceptions.

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