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The classic white shirt is the best! Dekiru man is tailored differently!

A white shirt that you definitely want to keep in your closet. You can rely on it not only for one piece, but also for layered style. The white shirt universal theory is whispered, but in fact, there are many different types. If you want to show off the difference, you can definitely get it from the rich brand!

Needless to say, the reliability of silhouettes made using historically backed techniques. Of course, the materials and fabrics are first-class. The crisp white shirt is convincing to the woman you are looking for !? Even when asked “Which white shirt?”, It looks good because it has a name value suitable for an adult man. I picked up a special one, so let’s check it out immediately.


88,000 yen (Gucci/Gucci Japan Client Service)

One point of gold worked
Simple is the best one

Needless to say, what I found at a well-known Italian brand is a plain one with a vertical back. The silhouette that highlights the beauty of high-quality fabric is accented with gold double G embroidery. Perfect for scenes that require dressing up, such as high-end restaurants. Wearing it under a jacket will lift your mood and make you feel more luxurious than usual.


90,200 yen (Dolce & Gabbana / Dolce & Gabbana Japan)

Bring out the sex appeal of a man
sophisticated silhouette

Gold fit that snuggles up to the trained body line. The crisp cotton poplin fabric helps bring out the sex appeal of men to the maximum. The DG metallic patch that shines on the collar is also a point that enhances the gorgeous feeling. is known as the spark of crash denim. It would be nice to combine it with this shirt to show respect for the brand.


42,900 yen (Etro / Etro Japan)

Even simple people can try!
Make a difference with casual paisley

At first glance, this looks like a basic white shirt. The jacquard fabric is actually decorated with tone-on-tone paisley patterns. Because the statement is casual, even simple people can challenge patterned items without hesitation. It is exactly the first item unique to , which is said to be the creator of the paisley pattern. It’s an Italian collar, so you can open the second button to create a sexy neckline.


74,800 yen (Burberry/Burberry Japan)

I do not choose the person who is well made and wears
classic design

Burberry is synonymous with plaid, but you can’t miss the plain white shirt. The fabric made of high quality material is soft to the touch and the silhouette is not extremely thin. In addition, the front placket gives the surroundings a correct impression of the folds, creating the atmosphere of a British gentleman. The cleanliness that eliminates unnecessary decorations such as chest pockets is also cool. Because it is a classic, it is also attractive that it is easy to put on the sleeves over time.

[トム ブラウン]

66,000 yen (Tom Brown / Tom Brown Aoyama)

High-quality OX fabric body
Supports a wide range of styles

Button down accented with Thom Browne’s iconic design, tricolor ribbon. Made of 100% cotton Oxford, it can be worn dressy or casual. In addition, the 4-bar tag attached to the hem has a special feel and is one of the highlights. Even if you wear your pants out, you won’t feel unstylish because the sides of the hem are cut off.

Photo by Kouki Marumasu Styling by Takumi Tagawa Text by Ryuto Senoo
photo: Kouki Marueki (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix) text: Ryuto Senoo

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