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It’s actually quite difficult to enjoy fashion with a simple summer outfit. Because it’s so hot that you can’t even layer up, and it’s a very simple item to wear. If so, how about this?

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A rare material for men
One hand to use!

The important thing in summer coordination is something that looks and feels fresh. That’s why there are a lot of blues, and even items are T-shirts or short-sleeved shirts. That means that there is no change in appearance … …. but it’s okay. Just by choosing items that are a little devised, you can eliminate that feeling of rut. Therefore, this time we will introduce coordination using unique items. The outfit I made was very simple, the familiar blue denim, a T-shirt, and an open-collared shirt. It is summarized in refreshing blue one tone. Look, it’s the same combination as usual, right? But somehow the atmosphere is fashionable. It’s all thanks to the open-collared shirt I chose for the leading role. Crochet knitting that you can see if you look closely at what makes this unique. In short, it’s a key-knitted fabric. It is often used in women’s clothes, but it is quite rare in men’s. However, if the colors are one-tone like this, it won’t be feminine, and it’s nice to wear it cool. It’s also fashionable to choose such a texture. When choosing such a unique style, the point is not to use multiple colors, but to make the whole look familiar and calm. It should be easy because one point is enough for a unique outfit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fun with this kind of coordination this summer?

Crochet open collar shirt 26,400 yen, T-shirt 7,150 yen (Saturday’s New York City), flared denim pants 30,800 yen (resound closing), sunglasses 42,900 yen (Ivan / Ivan Tokyo Gallery), beach sandals 2,200 yen (Siabo / Hand Intree Showroom)


●Ivan Tokyo Gallery
TEL: 03-3409-1972

● Saturdays NYC
TEL: 03-5459-5033

● Hand Intree Showroom
TEL: 03-3796-0996

● Resound Closing
TEL: 06-6441-6061

Photo: Tomoo Masashige Styling: Takeshi Yanagawa
Photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) Styling: Takeshi Yanagawa (remix)
* All prices include tax, with exceptions.

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