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Tatsuki Machida's Sports Academia

Tatsuki Machida’s Sports Academia

Welcome to Sports Academia. My name is Itsuki Machida.

It’s right away, but do you know the word archive? Archive is a term that refers to a business or system that preserves and inherits all kinds of materials. It is all thanks to this archive that we can look back on history and access information from the past.

Museums, libraries, archives, and art galleries are typical examples of institutions that manage such archives. In addition, with the recent development of the Internet, the digital archive business is also being promoted worldwide. Digital archiving, as the name suggests, refers not only to tangible materials, but also to the act of digitizing, preserving, and inheriting them. Many times a day, we obtain information through search engines such as google and yahoo, and with these search engines as entrances, the WEB space, which is expanding infinitely like the universe, is also a digital archive. can be said to be one of

In other words, archives are important things that fundamentally support our lives, society, and intellectual activities. For this reason, archives are called “knowledge infrastructure” and are said to bring great benefits to various fields such as various businesses, education research, welfare, tourism, urban development, and entertainment. And the sports world is no exception.

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This time, I am visiting the Chichibunomiya Memorial Sports Museum and Library, which boasts the largest scale of sports archives in Japan. What is the current state of Japan’s sports archives, and what possibilities do they hold? We will discuss various sports archives with curators who are working on archive projects every day at the Chichibunomiya Memorial Sports Museum and Library. First, we will ask about the content and collection of materials.

Machida (M): This time, from the words of Mr. Ichiru Kimura and other curators, it was a museum. And we will read and understand the past, present and future of sports archives. Thank you again.

Kimura (K): Thank you very much.

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