“MONTHLY AUDITION 8” sponsored by FNC ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN will be held! Kids can participate too! Recruitment of people aiming for debut! Reception starts today (8/1)!

FNC continues to produce top artists such as AOA, N.Flying, SF9, Cherry Bullet, and P1Harmony, led by FTISLAND and CNBLUE, who have expanded into Japan and other countries around the world as pioneers in the Korean rock band world. ENTERTAINMENT will hold an audition unique to Japan at FNC JAPAN! We have announced that we will start accepting applications from August 1, 2022.

Speaking of FNC JAPAN, PRIKIL (debuted on May 4, 2022), a 5-member girl group born from the survival program “Who is Princess?” That was broadcast on Nippon Television and became a hot topic, belongs to it. All the members of PRIKIL became trainees after auditioning for FNC JAPAN, and they had a dream of debuting on a sunny day.

This audition, which searches for new rough stones following PRIKIL, will be divided into “TRAINEE” and “KIDS TRAINEE”. “TRAINEE” has established a vocal department, a musical instrument department, and a band department for people born between 1995 and 2006. “KIDS TRAINEE” has established a vocal department and a dance department for people born between 2007 and 2012. The purpose is to discover male and female artists who are active worldwide, following top artists such as FTISLAND and CNBLUE who are active in the world. Successful applicants belong to FNC JAPAN as trainees, conduct training using Korea’s top-class training system at their own facilities, and go to the stages in Japan and around the world. We aim to make a spectacular debut.

Participants will be asked to apply using the dedicated form during the application period from August 1, 2022 (Monday) to August 14, 2022 (Sunday), and for those who have passed the document screening, practical skills and interviews We will carry out the selection. We are waiting for applications from everyone who really dreams, “I want to stand on the world stage! I want to stand in the same place as the artist I admire!”

[Special audition site]http://fncjapan-audition.jp


TRAINEE Recruitment Category/Eligibility
Recruitment: Vocals / Instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard,
drums, etc.) / band (group)
Qualifications: Born 1995-2006
*Regardless of nationality.
* Those who do not have a contract with an entertainment agency or record company.
*Minors need parental consent.

KIDS TRAINEE Recruitment Department / Qualifications
Recruitment department: Vocal / Dance
Eligibility: Born between 2007 and 2012
*Regardless of nationality.
* Those who do not have a contract with an entertainment agency or record company.
*Minors need parental consent.

Screening method/application method/application period
Examination method: First examination: Document screening (recruited by Exam)
Second screening: Practical skills / interview selection
Application period: August 1st (Monday) -August 14th (Sunday), 2022

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