Streamer SPYGEA Joins London e-Sports Team FNATIC –

of popular distributors (streamers)SPYGEA(Spygear) is a London-based professional esports teamFNATICAnnounced to join.

At 19:00 on August 1st, SPYGEA reported joining FNATIC on his Twitch distribution. Since he left DeToNator in September 2021, he has been approached by various teams to recruit him.

Under such circumstances, I talked with the FNATIC team for the project to introduce the device that I received from the end of the same year, and said that “I was able to know the contents directly”, and said that it was decisive.

At the same time, the appointment of Yamaha’s ambassador was also announced. It seems that the charm of Yamaha’s soundproof room and distribution device will be spread to many people.

Pioneer of the game distribution era SPYGEA

SPPGEA says “Special force“”Special Force 2“”OverwatchA former professional gamer who was active in the competitive scene of FPS games such as.

From 2016, professional gaming teamDeToNatorBelongs to the streamer department of.He also belonged to DeToNatorYuta SekiMr. Miss,SHAKAMr. Miss,YamatoNTogether with Mr. and others, we have been active as a pioneer of the streamer era.

In September 2021, he graduated from DeToNator, who had been enrolled for five years. In addition to distributing “VALORANT” and “Apex Legends” as an independent, he has continued to appear in various events such as “CR Cup”.

Impact of joining FNATIC SPYGEA as seen from the notice

This announcement was alluded to in a video posted on FNATIC’s official Japanese Twitter account on July 31st.

At almost the same time, SPYGEA also posted an image of the announcement notice, and both of them had many reactions that predicted that “SPYGEA might join” in replies and quoted retweets.

In addition to FNATIC, recently in April, the American e-Sports teamTSM FTXAnnounces the addition of VTuber’s Shibuya HAL. Popular Japanese distributors are joining overseas teams one after another.

SPYGEA reporting FNATIC subscription / Image from Twitch distribution

Appointed as Yamaha Ambassador / Image from Twitch distribution

Big topics of game distributors

Local resident born in 1990. The Internet took her adolescence. Interested in VR and esports. Recently, he has been based on note.

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