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“Graphic recording” is a method of recording the contents of meetings, lectures, etc. using letters and pictures.The feature is that participants can share their records in real time by preparing writing materials such as large whiteboards and imitation papers. In this article, we will introduce the method and benefits of “graphic recording”.

What is graphic recording?

“Graphic recording” is a method of recording the content of meetings, lectures, etc. using text and graphics.It is characterized by real-time recording using a large whiteboard and imitation paper, and it is possible to record while sharing the entire content.

The majority of meetings and other meetings are recorded in text, but “Graphic Recording” uses graphics as much as or more than text. Also, unlike the minutes, it is also a big feature to share from the middle of the meeting.

Advantages of graphic recording

One of the major features of “Graphic Recording” is that it “easily unifies the perceptions of people on the spot.”Even if the information is difficult to unify just by listening to it, visualizing the information through graphics will reduce the chances of people perceiving the same information in different ways.In addition, since everyone in the place can see it at a glance, the relationships and structures are easy to remember, and it is easy to unify each person’s perception.

In business meetings where people of different generations participate, differences in vocabularies and perceptions of words can occur between generations, but the use of graphics makes it less likely that inconsistencies will arise.

How to try graphic recording

Here are some things to keep in mind when working on “graphic recording”:

be aware of the lines

“Graphic recording” all starts with one line.Since it is necessary to draw in a short period of time, it is important to draw with thick lines that are easy to see and without tracing.It is also important to close the corners of shapes properly. By closing the corners, the illustration becomes more detailed and easier to recognize visually.

Simple shapes

“Graphic recording” is drawn in real time at meetings and lectures, so it is necessary to quickly draw figures in a short time. Many illustrations can be drawn by combining “○ circle”, “△ triangle” and “□ square”, so be aware of combining these. Even if you try to draw it straight away, you won’t be able to draw it well, so you may want to think about your own “illustration collection”.

Richly depict human emotions

In “graphic recording”, it is also important to draw people’s emotions. You can express various patterns of facial expressions by putting eyes and mouths in the ○.

not intended to draw

“Graphic recording” is just a means of sharing the content of meetings and lectures with the whole group. If the purpose is to draw, you will be too particular about the appearance and the like, and you will end up with a low-quality record. Don’t lose sight of your purpose and aim for a record that is easy to understand as a whole.

for improvement

It’s easy to get pressured and risky to start suddenly in production. Especially when used in business, it is necessary to execute without failure. In order not to make mistakes,First, let’s practice “graphic recording” while watching videos of lectures on the Internet.After you finish recording, check the recording yourself to see if you can understand the content correctly.

“Graphic recording” is a recording method that is not limited to text information. Why don’t you incorporate it not only in the business scene, but also in family meetings and community gatherings?

Recommended books for graphic recording

Graphic recording for the first time Drawing ideas, drawing meetings. (Asami Kubota)

Graphic Recorder – Graphic Recording Textbook for Visualizing Arguments (Junko Shimizu)

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