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Van Cleef & Arpels continues the Perlée collection’s themes of playfulness and dynamism with its signature gold beads. Yellow gold, rose gold and white gold beads combine with precious stones, ornamental stones, mother-of-pearl and coral to create dazzling graphic silhouettes of versatile jewelry and watches with rounded shapes and light reflections. Brings

A wealth of styles and materials, the Maison’s unsurpassed savoir-faire in its creations is expressed with subtlety and lightness.

Perlée diamond ring, 5-row model (yellow gold, diamonds), Perlée Couleur ring, 5-row model (yellow gold, emerald)

Symphony of colors

Introducing five new rings that inherit the playful style unique to the Perlée collection. Sparkling with gold beads, the ring is adorned with ornamental stones in a vibrant color palette for a dazzling presence. The rounded shape is a reinterpretation of the design of his Filipino ring made by the Maison in 1968. Her Philippines ring, a bold and colorful combination of ornamental stones and diamonds, exemplified the style of jewelery of the period. This new release breathes fresh creativity into the collection, bringing a sense of sunshine and pop.

Each stone set three-dimensionally in the center of the ring is meticulously selected for its vivid color and size. From the crisp and lustrous black of onyx, the deep green with elegant stripes of malachite, to the delicate shimmering blue of lapis lazuli, whose quantity is limited due to its rarity, the azure blue of turquoise, and the orange-tinged red of coral. , all shades harmonize with yellow gold to form a radiant ring. The center stone is flanked by two rows of delicate gold beads flanked by a row of round diamonds. The mirror polish technique, which further enhances the brilliance of the gold, creates interplaying light reflections and contrasts in the work.

Perlée Couleur ring (yellow gold, turquoise, diamonds), (yellow gold, malachite, diamonds), (yellow gold, lapis lazuli, diamonds)
Perlée Couleurs ring (yellow gold, onyx, diamonds), (yellow gold, coral, diamonds)

A duet full of brilliance

The Perlée Couleurs collection includes two new bracelets and two pendants, creating a new harmony of materials. A reinterpretation of the 2017 style, the bracelet is set in domed yellow gold with diamonds and lapis lazuli or coral cabochons. This noble material combination is expressed in an open bracelet lined with gold beads, enveloping the wrist in a swirl of light. In the pendant, gold beads gracefully frame a lapis lazuli or coral cabochon, accentuating the rounded lines. For the first time, lapis lazuli and coral are used in this style of jewelry. Due to the carefully selected rare materials, the quantity is limited. Lapis lazuli is deep blue and coral is reddish orange. Each has a vivid and uniform color, and its surface is polished smoothly and evenly. A variety of stones such as malachite, carnelian, and turquoise have been used in similar designs in the past, but the variation is even richer. Diamonds add brilliance to this warm material dialogue.

Perlée Couleurs pendant (yellow gold, lapis lazuli), (yellow gold, coral)
Perlée Couleurs bracelet (coral, diamonds), (yellow gold, lapis lazuli, diamonds)

Noble color variations

For the first time in the Perlée collection since its launch in 2008, three rings with colored precious stones will be introduced. Inspired by Caroline’s rings and bracelets by Van Cleef & Arpels in the late 1970s, this new creation combines the iconic sparkle of beads with colorful nuances of rubies, sapphires and emeralds. , as if they were having a dialogue. Each gem is carefully selected by the Maison’s expert gemologists. Bright blue sapphires and sparkling green emeralds match the warm glow of yellow gold, while carmine rubies match the gentle nuances of rose gold.

Reflecting the playfulness of the Perlée collection, these new creations impress with their asymmetrical design, the interplay of light and form. Each ring is set with a diagonal band of precious stones for an eye-catching accent. It is sandwiched between five strands of gold beads, widest at the top of the ring and tapering downwards, gently wrapping the finger. The gems are held in place by polished gold prongs placed between the stones. Used for the first time in this collection, this technique requires a high degree of skill from the setting craftsman, especially when dealing with delicate materials such as emerald. To further enhance the brilliance of the ring, the base is honeycomb openworked and the entire ring is meticulously polished.

Perlée Couleur ring 5 row model (yellow gold, sapphire), (yellow gold, emerald), (rose gold, ruby)
Perlée diamond ring 5 row model (yellow gold, diamonds), (white gold, diamonds), (rose gold, diamonds)

A play of light interwoven with gold and diamonds

The same aesthetic is reflected in Perlée diamond rings. The dazzling brilliance of round diamonds echoes the radiant tones of yellow gold, the clarity of white gold and the warm hues of rose gold. The graphically styled ring sparkles with the movement of your hand. As with all of Van He’s Cleef & Arpels creations, the diamonds are selected to meet the most stringent quality standards (D, E, F in color and IF to VVS in clarity).

The Maison also presents three earrings in yellow, white and rose gold to match the Perlée diamond pave ring introduced in 2020. Like the ring, these new earrings feature a dome set with 74 diamonds of varying sizes, framed by rich gadoroon decoration. The hand-applied and polished gadroon embellishment brings harmony to the whole piece, while the honeycomb openwork allows the light to shine through the gemstones. Three-dimensional creations that play with the brilliance of diamonds and the luster of gold are pleasing to the eye.

Perlée diamond pave earrings (yellow gold, diamonds), (white gold, diamonds), (rose gold, diamonds)

dance of time

Van Cleef & Arpels now brings the iconic aesthetics of the Perlée collection to its new watches. Five timeless creations unite gentle curves and delicate details, watchmaking savoir-faire and jewelery inspiration. Flowing lines and playfulness lend a modern touch to time-telling jewellery.

Elegant and feminine, this watch is ultra-modern with its round shape framed by two rows of gold beads and mirror-polished yellow gold edges. The domed, glass-covered dials are set in mother-of-pearl, onyx and yellow gold, respectively. The radial guilloché engraving on the dial catches the light and creates a dazzling reflection. The push-buttons for setting the time are located on the back of the case and are completely invisible when the watch is worn.

Perlée watch 23 mm (yellow gold, guilloché yellow gold, Swiss quartz movement, white grosgrain bracelet)
Of the five new models, four have a case diameter of 23mm and one has a case diameter of 30mm. Each model comes with an interchangeable grosgrain bracelet and a flexible bracelet to choose from in the collection. Continuing the spirit of the jewelery watch, we also offer an extravagant bracelet made entirely of gold beaded links, matching the watch’s beaded rim. With simple operations, you can change the bracelet according to your mood and enjoy it.

Perlée watch 30 mm (yellow gold, white guilloché mother-of-pearl, Swiss quartz movement, white grosgrain bracelet)

time to hide a secret

Gold beads once again perform a joyful dance to adorn your secret jewelery watch. Delicate spheres and colorful ornamental stones create a fun combination in this model.

Inspired by the Toi et More (you and me) jewellery, this wristwatch features two motifs of different sizes facing each other on an open bracelet made entirely of gold beads. The larger motif gently rotates 360 degrees to reveal her white mother-of-pearl dial framed with round diamonds. In keeping with the spirit of her Perrelet collection, each of the three timepieces combines different materials.

In the first model, the warm red of carnelian and black pietersite provide a captivating contrast, while in the second, the vibrant blue of turquoise enhances the brilliance of diamonds and yellow gold. A third limited-edition model brings together vibrant tones of turquoise and coral in a radiant harmony. A fringe of gold beads accentuates the rounded silhouette of each cabochon and provides a final touch to the colorful creation with intense sparkle.

Gold bead savoir-faire at the heart of jewelry creation

Perlée’s new jewelery stays true to the Maison’s heritage, highlighting the gold beading technique, which requires collaboration between diverse craftsmen. Beads of various sizes are fashioned from the precious metals yellow, rose and white gold using the lost wax casting technique. A jeweler then retouches each bead by hand. His precise and meticulous work brings a unified roundness and harmony to the entire work. In addition, several stages of polishing are required to smooth the surface of the beads and enhance their brilliance.

Production of a Perlée Couleur ring 5 row model

At the intersection of watchmaking and jewelry

The Maison’s expertise is also reflected in the creation of watches that combine French and Swiss savoir-faire. The gold bracelet of the Secret Watch is crafted in the French atelier, while the dial and movement are assembled in the Van Cleef & Arpels watchmaking atelier in Geneva. This collaboration between artisans restores the magic of time-telling technology to create a poetic watch.

For the first time ever, the bracelet has been created with gold beaded links and an extremely supple finish. It conforms to your wrist like a second skin, giving you the ultimate in comfort.

Polishing the gold base of the Perlée Toi et More Secret watch

Exceptional selection of materials

The selection of materials is a crucial part of the Van Cleef & Arpels tradition of excellence. From precious stones and ornamental stones to mother-of-pearl and coral, the Maison selects the most beautiful materials according to the strictest quality standards.

All diamonds used by Van Cleef & Arpels meet the highest gemological standards, with colors of D, E and F, and IF to VVS clarity. In Perrelet’s creations, the openwork construction allows the light to pass through, making the diamonds even more radiant. The rubies, emeralds and sapphires set in the Maison’s jewelery are carefully selected untreated natural stones, boasting high transparency, balanced cuts and dazzling colors.

Polishing the quintuple Perlée Couleurs ring set with emeralds Setting the diamonds in the Perlée Toi et More secret watch
Van Cleef & Arpels’ commitment to precious materials is especially true when selecting ornamental stones. Among them, the warm red carnelian presents a faint translucent texture, while the extremely rare turquoise and lapis lazuli are characterized by their strong, vivid tones and harmonious textures. Hand-polished onyx reveals a jet-black surface with a lustrous sheen that is unique to this material. Black pietersite, newly adopted in this new Perlée collection, contains multiple minerals and has a unique poetic sentiment, creating a painting-like beauty.

Coral and mother-of-pearl are also carefully identified by expert gemmologists. Coral is only sustainably produced and selected through a polishing process that evens out a cheerful orange hue. The white mother-of-pearl, on the other hand, is guillochéd to enhance its iridescence.

Polishing work to finish a Perlée couleur ring set with onyx and diamonds

Once upon a time there were gold beads…

Introduced in 2008, the Perlée collection features gold beads from the Maison’s history. This noble sphere has been shining in Van Cleef & Arpels’ creations since the 1920s. Initially, it was used as a design accent or as a border for jewelry, but eventually the gold beads themselves became a motif. From 1948 onwards, the size of the beads increased, spreading to couscous and then to the Bagatelle collection. Beads of all sizes were adorned with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and watches, sometimes combined with precious stones. From 1954 onwards, the La Boutique collection featured more intimate and playful creations, including clips with charming animal motifs.

In the 1960s jewelry, gold beads in particular emphasized fluid forms. In the Twist collection, beads are twisted together with coral, turquoise and cultured pearls for a playful finish. Since 1968, it has also been featured in the Alhambra collection, adorning the delicate gold outline of Van Cleef & Arpels’ iconic good luck symbol.

Today, the Maison is constantly expanding its Perlée collection with new additions to the Perlée Gold Pearl, Perlée Couleurs, Perlée Diamonds, Perlée Clover and Perlée Sinaturure lines of jewelry and noble timepieces of dazzling elegance. .

Sales start: September 1, 2022

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