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2022.08.05 NEW

A villa supervised by “Safari” has finally been completed in Naka-Karuizawa!

Karuizawa has been loved as a summer resort by businessmen and literary figures since the Meiji era. In recent years, top runners of various genres such as artists and creators have chosen this area as a place to live in two bases. Among them, a villa produced by “Safari” has been renovated and unveiled in one section of the Sengataki West district of Karuizawa, which is considered to be a high class.

A villa supervised by The exterior walls are painted black with rice pine, and the exterior stairs and other areas are finished with black ironwork for a chic finish.Designed to blend in with the landscape created by the aged trees

Among the Karuizawa addresses, Sengataki Nishi-ku is the one that attracts the envy and popularity. A villa produced by Safari, which has been undergoing renovation for some time, has been completed.

In the depths of the white birch and oak trees, a chic design building with a black frame on the texture of the wood can be seen and hidden. It is a landscape unique to a beautiful villa area where it is said that “there should be no fences or shields as much as possible.”

Passing through the gate of Asama stone and entering the entrance led by the approach of Teppei stone, a spacious space with a ceiling height of 4m spreads out. Originally a villa built for private use by the chairman of a famous company. While making use of the solid frame and hard and glossy floors, we have enhanced functionality and beauty, such as the tiled kitchen and cypress bathroom, and renovated to bring out the charm of the building over time.

You can spend your time freely wherever you like, such as a living room where you can face the beauty of nature, a wooden deck with a depth of 1.5m where you can read while feeling the outside breeze, and a detached room with a sense of isolation. In addition to the two bedrooms, there are also separate bedrooms, making it a satisfying building where you can spend a pleasant time with friends, family, or even by yourself.

01 Enjoy the natural beauty of Karuizawa through the windowA villa supervised by The living room with a ceiling height of 4m has an excellent sense of openness. You can enjoy a picture-perfect view of greenery from the wall of windows.At night, the indirect lighting on the wall and the flames of the wood stove show a different expression.

02 brown x gray.solid kitchenA villa supervised by The U-shaped kitchen is connected to the LD, but the height and placement of the kitchen are designed so that guests cannot see the backstage.The calm gray tiled structure makes it a good place to enjoy bar time at the high counter.

03 BBQ terrace to entertain guestsA villa supervised by In the garden of the main building, a circular bench was built with concrete as a BBQ booth. In the center is an iron BBQ stove.You can approach directly from the wooden deck terrace using the outside stairs

04 Cypress board bathroomA villa supervised by Main house bathroom. The ceiling is covered with cypress wood and the floor is fully heated.The artificial marble washstand has a mirror that is shifted back and forth to add lighting, creating depth and splendor in the space.

05 Get ready in a full-fledged saunaA villa supervised by The sauna room is partitioned by a glass door, so you can sweat slowly without feeling blocked. The adjoining shower is .The bathtub adopts the jet & blow bath of which is familiar in resort hotels.

06 Teppei stone approach with shade of greeneryA villa supervised by Taking advantage of the gently sloping topography, the first floor is the main floor with a built-in garage and stock room, and the second floor is the LDK.From the garage, you can go up directly to the second floor using the internal stairs.

07 Deep appearance created by the texture of wood and ironA villa supervised by The deep eaves create beautiful shadows, creating a private space that cannot be seen from the outside.The view of the forest in the morning mist from the wood deck that surrounds the building in an L shape is exceptional.

08 The luxury of a detached house at the end of the waterwayA villa supervised by The detached room faces the living room of the main house diagonally.Although it is compact, it has a living room, a work room, and a bedroom.

09 Design with a low perspective and a sense of homeA villa supervised by The separate living room has a bench by the window, making it a space where you can spend time regardless of the number of people.By lowering the height of the ceiling and considering the height of the benches and chairs, and by lowering the viewing angle, the space feels more intimate.

10 A detached room equipped with features that allow guests to stay comfortablyA villa supervised by The detached floor is made of sisal hemp. The smooth feel of your feet is comfortable. There is a closet and wine cooler in the bedroom, and there is also a simple kitchen and a shower booth.Guests can relax even if they stay for several days

11 Refreshing WorkroomA villa supervised by remote workroom. The desk is a vintage item from Italy.Instead of shutter shutters, wooden doors are attached to the windows to provide the warmth and heat insulation of the texture of wood.

12 Sharp lines created by raised decks and eavesA villa supervised by A detached entrance hall with a corner of the building cut at 45 degrees. It is a luxurious time to look at the cool groves of Japanese white birch and Mongolian oak through the 2.4m custom-made fixed window.

【Property Description】

Amount: 230 million

●Location: 5898-216, 5898-211 Oyagazawa, Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture
Address: 598-211 Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture * Villa number: 5332
●Land area: 1147㎡ (Lot number: 5898-211), 1040㎡ (Lot number: 5898-216) Total: 2187㎡ (661.5 tsubo)
Floor area[main building]: 1st floor 52.99㎡ 2nd floor 148.15㎡ Total: 201.14㎡
●Floor area[Apartment]: 62.67㎡

●Access: About 15 minutes by car from Hokuriku Shinkansen “Karuizawa” station (about 8.5km)

About 10 minutes by car (about 5.0 km) from Naka-Karuizawa Station on the Shinano Railway Line

Sales order meeting held!
August 5 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
August 6 (Sun) 13:00-16:00

● Inquiries / M’s Select

* An employee of M’s Select, the owner of this property, is scheduled to reside locally.

It is possible to view the inside of the villa outside the above schedule.

Photo by Yuki Hashimoto Text by Kuniko Nakajo
photo: Hirotaka Hashimoto text: Kuniko Nakajo

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