“Alice Gear Aegis” 4.5th Anniversary “FASHION MISSION BINGO Posting Campaign” Now Being Held

[Colopla]”Alice Gear Aegis” 4.5th anniversary bingo campaign is being held to receive luxurious rewards

A special site commemorating the 4.5th anniversary of July 22, 2022 (Friday) is now available for the smartphone game, armed customization action “Alice Gear Aigis” (hereafter, Alice Gear).

On the special site, in addition to the bingo campaign where you can get luxurious rewards, the archive page of the campaign “Pink Cyclone Photo Contest” held in January 2022 is also available.

In addition, in-game scouts that pick up normal ★ 4 characters of “Mira Murao (CV: Yuri Yamaoka)”, “Yui Kimikage (CV: Ai Kakuma)”, and “Otsuri Suga (CV: Marika Takano)” Also, “Carat Shop Early Bird” where you can purchase new costumes at a discount price is also being held.

◆”FASHION MISSION BINGO Submission Campaign” is now being held!

Thumbnail of image collection #001 /

In commemoration of the 4.5th anniversary, a special site is being released with the image of the brand “Pink Cyclone” managed by “Manba Meika” in the play. In addition, we are also holding a “FASHION MISSION BINGO Posting Campaign” where you can get in-game items by completing the “Bingo-style mission” on the special site.

August 5, 2022 (Friday) 15:00 to August 21 (Sunday) 23:59

Participation is completed by taking a picture (screenshot) that matches the mission and posting it on Twitter with “#fashion mission bingo” attached. If you post more than 100 posts per mission, it will be achieved and bingo squares will be released.

Missions will be released sequentially on the special site.

・Day1: August 5th (Friday) 15:00
・Day2: August 8 (Monday) 15:00
・Day3: Wednesday, August 10, 15:00

◆The archive page of submitted works for the “Pink Cyclone Photo Contest” is now available!

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The archive page of the “Pink Cyclone Photo Contest” held in January 2022 is now available on the special site. Thank you for submitting so many wonderful works!

◆ “Rascol Pickup Scout” is now open!

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A total of 3 normal ★ 4 characters, “Mira Murao (CV: Yuri Yamaoka)”, “Yui Kimikage (CV: Ai Kakuma)”, and “Otsuri Suga (CV: Marika Takano)” A scout is underway.

August 5, 2022 (Friday) 15:00 to August 26 (Friday) 14:59

*★ indicates rarity.
*Please check the in-game notice for details.

◆”Carat Shop Early Bird Discount” now open!

Image collection #004 thumbnail /

The plain clothes of “Mai Futakodama” and “Fatima Betroram” are newly introduced. During the period, only this new costume can be obtained at 25% OFF.

August 4, 2022 (Thursday) 15:00 to August 11 (Thursday) 14:59

* Existing costumes are not eligible for “Carat Shop Early Bird”.
*New costumes will be added to the regular Carat Shop after the period ends.

◆”C100 Character Song CD Dokuson” audition video now available!

Thumbnail of image collection #005 /

We have released a video that allows you to listen to the character song CD “Kiseki Connect / Kokoro no Tristella (original song: Kokoro no Crossover)” scheduled to be sold at Comic Market 100.

・Kiseki Connect
Vocals: Mira Murao (CV: Yuri Yamaoka) / Yui Kimikage (CV: Ai Kakuma)
・Kokoro no Tristella (original song: Kokoro no Crossover)
Vocals: Otori Suga (CV: Marika Takano)

*For product details, please check the C100 special site.

*Purchase of compatible smart devices and communication charges are the responsibility of the customer.
※It is an item billing system. Some characters are provided by paid random type item provision method.
*For those under the age of 18: When purchasing items, please obtain consent from a parent or guardian or purchase together.

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