“KNoCC” and “STAND-ALONE” appear as mascot stuffed animals! ! Announcement of the second collaboration campaign of “Technoroid” | Press release of GENDA GiGO Entertainment Co., Ltd.

GENDA GiGO Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, President: Kiyoshi Ueno) will open at our store from August 11, 2022 (holiday / Thursday).*1We will hold the second campaign in collaboration with the new generation media mix project “Technoroid” presented by Noriyasu Uematsu x RUCCA x Elements Garden.

In the second collaboration campaign, as our original prize, we will develop mascot stuffed animals that are deformed by 7 members of “KNoCC” and “STAND-ALONE”, sell drinks with novelties with renewed prize content, implement various retweet campaigns, etc. We will implement measures.

*1Including GiGO Shop, Treasure Island Shop, Sega Shop, GiGO ONLINE CRANE


  • [for crane gamesexclusivefree gift]

From August 11, 2022 (holiday, Thursday), prizes for crane games that can only be obtained at our stores will appear.

Technoroid Piconui 1

  Chrome / Cobalt / Neon / Kei(allFourseed)

Technoroid Piconui2
  Night / Kite /Light (all3seed)

*The number is limited. It will end as soon as it is gone.
※The image is an image. It might be different from the real thing.
*May not be available at some stores. Please contact the store directly for the arrival time and stock status of the prize.

This prize will be available at GiGO ONLINE CRANE from the day of deployment.
For details, please check the GiGO ONLINE CRANE official website below.
Official HP ⇒ https://gigo-cranegame.com/ja

  • [drink with novelty]

We will sell novelty drinks that you can get original goods at our 12 stores nationwide.

■ Implementation period
August 11, 2022 (holiday, Thursday) to September 4, 2022 (Sunday)

■ Menu
Takeaway drink with novelty 500 yen (tax included)

■ Sales store
GiGO Sendai, GiGO Ikebukuro Building 1, GiGO Collaboration Cafe Akihabara Building 4, GiGO Shinjuku Kabukicho,
GiGO Kanayama, GiGO Market Square Sasashima, GiGO Namba Avion,
Sega Aeon Mall Okayama, GiGO Hiroshima Hondori, Sega Aeon Town Kanazawa Shigeno,
Sega Amu Plaza Kumamoto, GiGO Fukuoka Tenjin All 12 stores

■ Novelty
For each drink you purchase, you will receive a random original clear bookmark (7 types in total).

*The number is limited. It will end as soon as it is gone.
* You cannot choose the pattern.
※The image is an image. It might be different from the real thing.

  • [Commemorative retweet campaign]

A follow-up and retweet campaign will be held to commemorate the appearance of limited gifts.
Twitter account (https://twitter.com/GENDA_GiGO), we will present a “GiGO limited prize set” (7 pieces in total) to 3 people by lottery from customers who have retweeted the corresponding tweet.

RetweetCampaign Notes≫

Campaign details are subject to change or end without notice.
Goods that participate in the campaign will be shipped only to those who live in Japan.
Retweet Campaign Application Terms: https://www.gendagigo.jp/cp/rtcp.html

  • [About the smartphone game “Technoroid Unison Heart”]

The story of you and the androids that “kokoro” is nurtured through music.
In addition to the full-fledged main story depicting their growth and challenges to the entertainment tower “Babel”, various sub-stories will be developed. Train androids and challenge the live stage with original units. Let’s make the live a success with a simple and exhilarating puzzle game just by tapping! All songs are produced by Elements Garden. Enjoy the game with your own set list!

Title: Technoroid Unison Heart (Abbreviation: Techuni)
Genre: Puzzle adventure that nurtures “kokoro”
Delivery date: January 21, 2022
Game download URL:
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1599225996?mt=8
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.cyberagent.technoroiduh


  • [About the new generation media mix project “Technoroid”]

“Technoroid” is a media mix project that combines anime, games, and music, co-produced by CyberAgent with Avex Pictures and Elements Garden. Animation production will be handled by Douga Kobo, and game development will be handled by Wonder Planet.

[Production staff]
Draft: Noriyasu Uematsu × RUCCA × Elements Garden
Original: Shibaura Android Laboratory
Director: Imgahi
Supervisor: Ai Yoshimura
Series composition: Ayumi Sekine
Character draft: LAM
Character design: Saori Sakiguchi
Music: Elements Garden x RUCCA
Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
Title & Logo Production: Rai Rai Public Corporation
CG production: LOGIC&MAGIC
Animation Production: Video Studio
Game development and operation: Wonder Planet


Technoroid Official Website: https://techno-roid.com/
Campaign site: https://tempo.gendagigo.jp/techno-roid-2/2022.html
©Shibaura Android Laboratory/TECHNO-OM Project
©Shibaura Android Laboratory/TECHNO-UH Project
©GENDA GiGO Entertainment Inc., All rights reserved.

  • ■ Preventing the spread of coronavirus infection

During business hours, we will focus on managing the physical condition of our employees, and encourage them to wear masks, wash their hands, gargle, and disinfect. In the store, we regularly disinfect and clean the equipment using a surfactant containing benzalkonium chloride. We will focus on creating an environment where customers can spend their time comfortably.

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