[Sennan, Osaka]“High quality food event” “FOOD CIRCUS ’22” will be held for the first time at SENNAN LONG PARK!

“FOOD CIRCUS’22” will be held at SENNAN LONG PARK (Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture) for two days on August 27th (Sat) and 28th (Sun). The first to be commemorated is the “Meat Edition”, where you can enjoy various meat dish arrangements based on the concept of “eating meat more deliciously”. In addition, there will be a large collection of menus that are perfect for the summer beach, such as beachside drinks and cool sweets.

  • FOOD CIRCUS’22 Overview

■Schedule August 27th (Sat) and 28th (Sun), 2022
■ Venue SENNAN LONG PARK (2-201 Rinku Minamihama, Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture)

■Price Admission free

■Time 11:00-21:00 (scheduled)
■ Organizer FOOD CIRCUS Executive Committee (TryHard Japan Co., Ltd., LAF Entertainment Co., Ltd., MTJ Co., Ltd.)
・Kyoto Roman House Roman-ya – Thick and creamy!Spicy curry with plenty of beef tendon 1,000 yen
・Niku no Takumi Shotaian – Shotaian’s drinkable hamburg steak 1,400 yen
・Royuan Saikan – Szechuan-style sweet and spicy mapo rice bowl with minced black pork 1,000 yen
・ Oita sacred place Nakatsu fried chicken Bungoya – Nakatsu fried chicken (made with secret soy sauce) 700 yen
・Tamagawa butcher shop – Hokkaido beef tenderloin beef cutlet 1,400 yen
・Gyoza no Miya Denden – Koedo Kawagoe Grilled Xiaolongbao 700 yen
・CROSSROAD – Superb! Beef shoulder loin steak! 1,400 yen
・ Soupless dandan noodles dandandan – Soupless dandan noodles 1,000 yen
・WORLD DINER – Thin-sliced ​​beef tongue with homemade green onion salt sauce 1,400 yen
・Fuyouen – Chinese kebab 1,000 yen
・eight one cafe- fresh fruit shaved ice (strawberry) 700 yen
・Sevens crepe – Gelato brulee crepe 700 yen

  • [Osaka Senshu Summer Festivalheld for the first time in three years!]

Lots of content such as music, fireworks, gourmet food, and more!

● EXIA Presents MUSIC CIRCUS ’22


[Outline of EXIA Presents MUSIC CIRCUS’22] ■Schedule August 27th (Sat) and 28th (Sun), 2022
■ Contents A fusion of dance music and LIVE performances
A music festival for children and adults
■ Venue SENNAN LONG PARK (2-201 Rinku Minamihama, Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture)

■Time: Doors open at 10:30 / Performance ends at 21:00 (tentative)
■ Organizer MUSIC CIRCUS Executive Committee (Composition: TryHard JAPAN Co., Ltd.)
■Production TryHard JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Official site:

■ Tarui Southern Beach Fireworks Show


A special collaboration of music, fireworks and special effects at the MUSIC CIRCUS’22 venue!

You can enjoy a new type of entertainment show.

*There is no flowering fireworks.

*Admission conditions conform to MUSIC CIRCUS’22.
* After sunset, we plan to display fireworks for about 2 hours.

Planning/Production: TryHard JAPAN Co., Ltd.


Since the first event in 2014, we have strived to provide a wider range of entertainment without missing a challenge every time. While most dance music festivals in Japan purchase licenses from overseas, MUSIC CIRCUS, which was born in Osaka, aims to be a festival that disseminates domestic “MADE IN JAPAN” to the world.

  • [TryHard JAPAN Co., Ltd.]

A production company that mainly specializes in events, such as planning and producing music events and producing nightclubs nationwide. In recent years, in cooperation with central ministries and agencies and local governments, we have been focusing on discovering and creating nighttime culture as part of the regional revitalization promotion project. While striving for a healthy nighttime economy in Japan and regional revitalization through entertainment, we will also contribute to the appeal of Japan to the world.

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