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2022.08.08 NEW shopping

Refreshing mint color! beautiful leg denim has a special color and material

With its well-thought-out silhouette, denim will make any body type look slim and stylish. The especially popular model “Five” has a tapered design that tapers toward the hem, making your legs look beautiful! This time, the EC site “Safari Lounge” is a special offer for such one. In addition to the refreshing mint color, the material is also stretchy, making it stress-free! I definitely want to hold onto this.

This time it’s an elegant and clean light mint color!

[Scheduled to arrive in late August]Bespoke/Limited Item: “Five” Color Denim Pants ¥25,300 (Upper Heights / Safari Lounge)

This model, called “Five”, is characterized by its tapered design, which gives it room around the waist and hips, but does not look unfashionable. The hem is finished with an ankle length, so you can naturally create a feeling of looseness from the ankle, and you don’t have to worry about adjusting the length. Such a popular model has a light mint color that is not available in men’s. In addition, the fabric is also a special specification. The 100% cotton has a slight stretch that makes it easy to move around in!

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Casual damage processing that is elegant and never ends

Not only does it look stylish with beautiful denim legs, but it also has a masculine impression and an exquisite faded feeling due to fine damage processing and washing on the fabric.

Neat and clean detail

Buttons are unified in slightly dull silver. It has a finish that harmonizes with the texture of the fabric while showing the quality of the city.

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