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PayPay compatible

Square, which provides payment terminals and services, supports “PayPay” in physical store payments.

Source: Square

Square, which develops cashless payment terminals and POS cash register apps*On August 9, it supported “PayPay”, a smartphone payment service.

Square has traditionally supported international credit card brands (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, etc.). In Japan, it has been compatible with transportation ICs such as “Suica” and “PASMO”, as well as “iD” and “QUICPay+”.

PayPay is the first Square to support QR code payments.

*In the United States, the company name will be changed from “Square” to “Block” in December 2021, but the Japanese corporation will remain “Square Inc.”, so the company name will be Square in this article.

Display the QR code on the store terminal and read it by the customer

In-store usage image

At the time of payment, the user (customer) reads the QR code displayed on the store’s tablet, smartphone, or Square’s own hardware and makes a payment.

Source: Square

There are generally two payment methods for so-called QR code payment services, including PayPay.

One is the “store display type”, where customers scan the QR code installed at the store with their smartphones. The other is the “user presentation type,” in which the two-dimensional code of the app is shown to the store clerk, who reads it with a barcode scanner or camera.

This time Square’s PayPay support is the former “store presentation type”. However, it is different from the type that is pasted with stickers or mounts that you see in small and medium-sized stores.

The code for Square’s PayPay isGenerated at each checkout on the Square app screenbe done. As such, it contains accounting amount information and does not need to be entered by the user.

Square hardware

From the left in the photo, the “Square Terminal”, which integrates payment, POS, and a printer, and the “Square Stand (2nd generation),” which plugs in a compatible iPad.

Photo: Yutaro Kobayashi

In addition, like Square, it is a mobile POS (mPOS) application, and the payment service “Air Pay” of “Air Register” developed by Recruit also supports PayPay, but this is a “user presentation type” iPhone / iPad camera read with

Square can also be used on iPhones and iPads/Android devices, so it seems possible to implement the same method, but the company’s own terminal “Square Terminal” does not have a camera in the first place, and the “Square Stand (2nd generation)” iPad stand with a payment reader. is shaped to block the iPad’s rear camera.

I suspect that this specification was made to maintain commonality between the operation of the application version and the in-house hardware.

Merchant screening is required separately, settlement fee is 3.25%

Square merchant image

Storefront image of a Square member store. Not all such stores will become PayPay merchants.

Photo: Yutaro Kobayashi

It should be noted thatThe current Square member store will not become a PayPay member store as it isIt’s a dot.

It is necessary to apply and pass the merchant screening for PayPay separately. According to Square, merchant reviews can take as little as one day.

A payment fee of 3.25% will be charged each time. This is higher than 1.98% when signing a direct merchant contract with PayPay (when not subscribing to the light plan) and 2.95% for Air Pay mentioned above.

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