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Kakao Entertainment to hold global auditions from August

Kakao Entertainment to hold global auditions from August (Image source: wowkorea)

Kakao Entertainment to hold global auditions from August (Image source: wowkorea)

Korea’s Kakao Entertainment will hold a global audition to discover the next generation global idol members.

The “Kakao Entertainment Friends Global on-line Audition” to be held this time will be held from the 1st to the last day of every month, starting in North America in August, China in September, Asia in October, Japan in November, Oceania in December, and Europe in January. Until then, online auditions will be held sequentially in each region.

‘Kakao Entertainment Friends Audition’ is widely known as a gateway to next-generation stars for discovering K-pop artists. A lot of stars have already been discovered through the audition, and they are carrying out flashy activities not only in Korea but also around the world. Kakao Entertainment has a variety of famous music labels, actor labels, drama and film production companies as subsidiaries.

You can apply for this audition regardless of age, gender, or nationality. You can apply from the Entertainment Audition homepage.

The first stage will be conducted online through videos and photos, and applicants selected from the first audition will proceed to the second audition with a 1:1 image method.

Applicants in North America can apply from August 10th to 31st. After September 1-30 (China), October 1-31 (Asia), November 1-30 (Japan), December 1-31 (Oceania), January 1-31, 2023 You can apply according to the schedule for each region, such as Japan (Europe).

If you pass the audition, you will have the opportunity to sign exclusive contracts with trainees and artists through Kakao Entertainment and affiliated labels.

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