Coverage by BUSINESS NEXT, Taiwan’s largest media for entrepreneurs[Exclusive]WAVENET completes Series B funding, aiming for IPO within 2 years! Wavenet Technology | Kyodo News PR Wire | Shimotsuke Shimbun SOON

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Coverage by BUSINESS NEXT, Taiwan’s largest media for entrepreneurs[Exclusive]WAVENET completes Series B funding, aiming for IPO within 2 years!Aiming to be the MediaTek of the marketing technology industry


TAIPEI, Aug. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The low-key WAVENET has made a rare and important goal for the future, aiming to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange within two years.

MarTech company WAVENET recently closed a US$3 million Series B funding round. Founder and CEO Tim Hsu said, “Our future goal is clear, to do an IPO within two years, and the IPO will be mainly in Taiwan.”

WAVENET’s main investor this time is Cornerstone Asset Holdings, a Silicon Valley fund that specializes in SaaS and education.

The fund’s fundraising amount is certainly not large, but WAVENET’s main focus is to support investors in developing the North American market. With this funding, WAVENET is expected to more aggressively expand into Japan and North America, and expand the recruitment of cross-border commerce development teams and data analysis teams. In particular, we plan to more than double the size of our data analytics team.

According to Cornerstone Asset Holdings, both B2B business marketing and B2C or C2C e-commerce will increase their reliance on traffic platforms in the post-corona era. WAVENET is able to seamlessly access not only North America, but also any market around the world, thanks to its integrated superiority from ad technology to martech and its extensive network of distributors.

WAVENET develops two main product businesses and aims to become the MediaTek of the marketing technology industry.

Broadly speaking, there are two service businesses under the umbrella of WAVENET. One is the advertising business, which supports the placement of advertisements on platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The other is the SaaS business, where WAVENET has developed its own Orca system and combines the technologies of other MarTech companies to perform member remarketing, audience analysis, social listening, etc. OcraPro’s system is also used for global marketing activities for B2B customers.

In the advertising traffic business, WAVENET has overseas customers such as LG Household & Healthcare, YANNICK in Taiwan, Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair, and AhHuat Coffee in Malaysia. have a customer

“As a marketing technology company, MediaTek, we want to become an indispensable part for our customers.” The marketing technology provided by WAVENET is characterized by high scalability and flexible collaboration, says Tim Hsu. “There are many players in the market with deep and detailed technology, and we need to work with all of them so that customers can choose the service they want. It’s about having a drill in your hand.”

WAVENET’s annual sales are estimated to be approximately 20 million US dollars (approximately 2.72 billion yen), and the ratio of SaaS products to advertising business is estimated to be approximately 1:2. The goal is to

In terms of overseas expansion, WAVENET is one of the few companies that has continued to operate steadily in the Chinese market. We also acquired Singnan Communications, an advertising agency with a 22-year history in Malaysia. In addition to this, we are also promoting service development overseas, such as business expansion in Japan and business expansion in North America due to the addition of Silicon Valley investors.

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(Image Caption: The Founder and CEO of Wavenet Technology, Tim Hsu.)

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