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What is a sustainable attitude in the golf industry?

As the sustainability attitude in the fashion industry has become commonplace, such a movement is spreading even in the golf industry, which is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. Here, we will report on the “TSI ALL GOLF BRAND Sustainable Exhibition” for brands such as , , , , etc. developed by TSI Co., Ltd.

At the event held on August 3, Manabu Senza, Senior Executive Officer of TSI Holdings Co., Ltd., gave a presentation on the background to the exhibition and TSI’s future prospects. “In the golf industry, deforestation was carried out mainly in the 1980s in conjunction with the development of golf courses.However, in recent years, in order to protect the natural environment, efforts have been made to replant forests that are twice as large as they were deforested. And so on, the awareness of the industry is changing.In the midst of this, we believe there is something we can do as an apparel company, and we are working on various activities, albeit little by little.Today’s exhibition is part of that. As part of our sustainable activities, we are curbing excessive production at , etc., and introducing the brand’s stance, such as not holding store sales to maintain an appropriate amount of inventory. did.

In addition, model Maggie and former soccer player Keita Suzuki appeared in the talk session. Maggie is working on sustainable golf wear that she created in collaboration with herself. Comment on goodness.

Keita Suzuki talked about the health of people, society, and the global environment in connection with the corporate mission of “Orb”, which develops products based on the intestinal bacteria analysis data of athletes, which he runs. was taken. “I feel that Japan is lagging behind other countries when it comes to awareness of sustainability. I think it is wonderful that TSI, a leading company in the industry, is taking the initiative in taking on the challenge of sustainable initiatives. It is important for everyone, not just a few, to be conscious and act. I thought that people involved in sports like me should also pull public opinion,” he commented, not only in the golf industry. , showed a desire to promote sustainability in the entire sports world.

How will sustainability progress in the golf industry? Why don’t you put it in a corner of your head and think about it, not someone else’s problem?

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