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It’s so hot, I want to jump into the sea naked! These days, the midsummer days continue. Even a T-shirt will get you sweaty, so you want to choose a shirt with as little surface area as possible. So what are you going to wear?

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put together in monotone
Bring out your fearlessness!

Under the scorching sun, it feels good to choose a tank top that allows you to show as much skin as possible. But to be honest, I’m not very familiar with it!? Certainly, the good thing about tank tops is that you can see your biceps, and depending on what you’re wearing, you can even see your pectoral muscles. But this also depends on how you wear it. First of all, the point is to create a stylish impression by putting it together in monotone. In addition, the tank top is not sporty, but pile fabric with a stylish texture, and the easy pants are duck fabric and masculine. This alone alleviates the macho image. In addition, if you add a refreshing striped shirt to your haori, you can create a perfect street outfit. Did you know that with a simple trick like this, a tank top you thought was for macho men could be worn in the city? It’s a waste to avoid it because you don’t like it, so try using a tank top this summer.

Tank top 9,900 yen, pants 31,900 yen (RHC/RHC Ron Herman), hanging shirt 36,300 yen (Frank & Irene/Sazaby League), sunglasses 39,600 yen (Ivan/Ivan Tokyo Gallery), sandals 1 10,000 yen (Hoka/Deckers Japan)

Photo: Tomoo Masashige Styling: Takumi Tagawa
Photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) Styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix)
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