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Introducing the hair accessories of “LACEREMONIE (라세레모니)”, which is worn by Korean influencers and has become a hot topic.




“LACEREMONIE” is an accessory brand born in Korea in 2019.

The brand name is a French word that means “preparing courtesy and formality”.

Pursuing classical design, we are developing items that are particular about materials and details.

The “ribbon pin” with a unique design is popular because it is cute!

A popular Korean influencer wears it, and now it’s becoming a hot topic on social media so much that it’s said to be the “hottest hair accessory”.

This time, we will introduce popular items from “LACELEMONIE”.

ribbon pin

“CLASSIC RIDLE HAIR PIN” 4 colors / 9,000 won

All the production processes are handmade, and the three-dimensional shape with very beautiful lines is characteristic.

Using the finest Japanese matte satin that retains its shape, it has a soft finish with an elegant luster.

Available in 4 colors: black, white, blue, and red!

The reason for its popularity is that you can create different nuances just by changing the position and angle of wearing it!

It has been carefully devised so that it can be seen clearly when worn.

The pin stand that you can just pinch has a brand tag, and although it is small, it has excellent fixing power.

It’s easy to use daily without any burden, so it’s sure to be useful in any scene!



We also recommend the 100% handmade “silver scrunchie”!

Silver is surprisingly easy to match with any color, and it seems to be useful because the material can be used all year round ♡

It is attractive that the quality is high because it is made by hand sewing carefully one by one only for handmade.

Compared to a general scrunchie that comes off immediately, it firmly grips any hair type and amount.

It is recommended to wear it on your wrist as well as a hair item ♪

hair band


“ROHA HAIRBAND” 18,000 won

“ROHA HAIRBAND” with large and small pink flowers on cool light blue.

The wide form and large floral pattern enhance the retro mood.

Headbands tend to hurt when worn for a long time, but this one uses a steel base that doesn’t put a strain on it.


“BOA RAINCOAT” 2 colors / 132,000 won

An oversized raincoat in a metallic color with beautiful boxy lines.

The design makes use of the original details of the raincoat, giving it a lean and light feel.

The brand logo is embroidered in white under the button.

Comfortable and fashionable Enjoy fashion even on rainy days ◎



“MORRET BL” 2 colors / 56,000 won

A blouse designed for all seasons, not just summer.

It seems that the “MORRET BL” was born by wearing various sleeve blouses and looking for missing parts.

If you dare to drop the string without tying it, it will give a loose impression, and it is also good to layer with a jacket or cardigan.




Corduroy has an image of autumn and winter, but by daring to incorporate such seasonal materials into spring and summer, the range of coordination is expanded, making it a fashionable item that is one rank higher!

Corduroy is the point for summer styles that tend to be monotonous, plus moderate roughness ◎

Only the back part is made of rubber, so you can wear it with a beautiful waistline and a perfect fit.

The brand logo is embroidered on the back pocket.

One size fits all, and it comes in two colors, aqua blue and burgundy, which are not too crispy.


This time, we introduced the new brand “LACELEMONIE (라세레모니)” which has become a hot topic on SNS.

Fashionable hair items that stand out from the crowd are sure to look great in photos!

There are many other items that are likely to be talked about in the future, so keep an eye out ◎

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