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“It’s my life, so I want to decide for myself.”
Omiya Ardija VENTUS, who created a new women’s team at the opening of the WE League, was the first team he chose to transfer to during his long football career.
On the pitch, he showed a powerful play full of guts, and after the game, he looked at each supporter and thanked them with a smile. That attitude grabbed the hearts of fans in Omiya, the center of soccer.
With 85,000 followers on Instagram, he ranks first among the 300 WE Leaguers.
We asked Nakata what he felt after finishing the first year of the WE League, his goals for the future, and his feelings for the fans and supporters.
This video series is produced and distributed in collaboration with Persol Group, a WE League silver partner, and conveys to society how many people are active in various occupations and roles regardless of gender, and also leads to career support. The purpose is that.

Comment from Omiya Ardija VENTUS Ayumu Nakata
In my first year in the WE League, I experienced a transfer for the first time in my long football career. Although Omiya Ardija VENTUS is a newly born team, they have a large number of supporters and are playing in a good atmosphere at home games. The fans and supporters give me a lot of power, so I would be happy if I could give them power through my own play! And I want to be close to my heart.
In the past, I used to feel frustrated that the focus was on things that were different from what I wanted people to see. I’ve come to think it’s okay. Recently, the shape of female athletes has also changed. Of course I like soccer, but I also like fashion and makeup. I want to convey the message to children who play soccer that they can live a fulfilling life while doing whatever they like.
Finally, for me, “work and laugh” means winning and laughing. As a soccer player, the most important thing is the result. I would like to stick to “victory”, win a lot and laugh a lot with everyone!

Editing postscript by the director in charge of video production
The production process of this video was also a valuable learning time, listening to Ayumu Nakata’s story while reliving part of his career. Nakata, who has been attracting attention since his school days and has progressed with various emotions. I think that the way of thinking that Nakata has now arrived at and the words that come out of it will stick in the hearts of not only athletes, but people in all walks of life.
I hope that Nakata’s thoughts, “I hope that showing myself as I am will be a catalyst for something,” will reach the fans and children who play soccer.

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