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Matcha sweets produced by Chef Yakushijinriku.

BRANCHE CHOCOLAT Matcha Carre au Chocolat

“BRANCHÉ CHOCOLAT” produced by Chef Yakushijin Riku, who launched the difficult-to-reserve restaurant “SUGALABO”, will be available on Amazon from this summer. In addition to the velvet-smooth, matcha flavor with the rich aroma of Yame tea, the lineup also includes strawberry and black tea flavors! You can enjoy the texture of the chilled chocolate as it melts, or if you bring it back to room temperature and eat it, you can enjoy the rich aroma of the ingredients even more.

High-class butter ice cream that you want to try at least once.

Echire butter ice cream

You can’t buy Echire’s sweets without waiting in long lines at stores, but if you’re looking for ice cream that’s popular in the summer, we recommend ordering it. The ice cream uses fermented butter with a rich aroma produced in the village of Echire in the midwest of France, and it tastes like eating butter as it is.

A new sensation, French toast.

Creative French Toast French toast 5 piece set

Creative French Toast has created cold French toast with a moist, springy texture that overturns the notion that “French toast is hot.” There are various ways to enjoy it, such as eating it like ice cream while frozen. If you warm it up in the microwave for about 1 minute, it will have a different taste from freshly baked. Gift wrapping is also available, so it is recommended as a gift.

Authentic Italian gelato.

MERCATO Italian Gelato

The gelato is not only tasty, but also safe, with no coloring or flavoring agents, and stabilizers of natural origin. You can enjoy a total of 6 flavors, such as “Pistachio” using Italian pistachios, and luxurious “Marron” mixed with Italian chestnut paste and broken.

A new Japanese sweet that is neither jelly nor warabi mochi is born.

Marumochiya Water Maru Mochi

Marumochiya’s “Mizumaru Mochi” has 260,000 likes on SNS! It is a topical sweet that has won. It’s so soft that it disappears the moment you put it in your mouth, and it’s plump appearance makes it look like big water droplets are shaking. Japanese sweets with a new sensation are sure to liven up your home party!

Ice sweets with a fun pop appearance.

FUKUNAGA901 Odekake Parfait 6 flavors

FUKUNAGA901’s “Odekake Parfait” is popular for its cute looking sweets. It’s nice to be able to enjoy two flavors that go well together, such as cream cheese and cassis, strawberry and pistachio, and earl gray and lemon. The sweets made by craftsmen who studied in Italy, the home of gelato, and of course the taste is authentic!

Ordered from a popular gelato shop in Kobe.

MIKAGE COFFEE LABO ice cream 8 pieces gift

You can also order the popular gelato from the gelateria “MIKAGE COFFEE LABO”, which has a store in Kobe! An assortment of 8 types of gelato made with carefully selected nuts, fruits, and cacao from all over the world would make a great gift.

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