“ONE PIECE FILM RED” Exceeded 7 billion yen in box office revenue in 10 days, updated all-time high – Anime Game: Nikkan Sports

“ONE PIECE FILM RED” (C) Eiichiro Oda / 2022 “ONE PIECE” Production Committee

The anime movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” (directed by Goro Taniguchi) recorded box office revenue of 7.06 billion yen and mobilized 5.05 million people in 10 days from its release on the 6th. Distribution Toei announced on the 16th. At the stage greeting event held in Tokyo on the 14th, it was reported that the box office revenue exceeded 5 billion yen on the 13th. ” exceeded 10 days after its release.

“ONE PIECE FILM RED” will be released on 495 screens nationwide on the 6th. On the same day alone, it recorded 1,232,095,230 yen and attracted 869,407 people. record. In addition, it was the best start in terms of box office and mobilization for two weekends on Saturdays and Sundays, the opening weekend of Toei, which is the distributor.

“ONE PIECE FILM RED” will be produced by Eiichiro Oda (47), the original author of the manga “ONE PIECE”. Oda is deeply involved in the production from the standpoint of Executive Producer and General Producer. 4th work following GOLD.

The stage of the story is a live performance in which Uta, a diva who is enthusiastic all over the world, appears in front of the public for the first time, with her singing voice that hides her identity and is described as “another dimension”. The main character Monkey D. Luffy (voiced by Mayumi Tanaka)’s pirate troupe “Straw Hat Pirates” filled the venue with all sorts of fans. Red-haired Shanks (voiced by Shuichi Ikeda), a great pirate known as the “Four Emperors” who rescued Luffy when he was attacked and promised to meet him again, entrusting him with a straw hat even though he lost his left arm. The shocking fact that she is the daughter of Voice actress Kaori Nazuka and singer Ado played the double cast of songstress Uta. Yasutaka Nakata is in charge of the theme song “New Era” sung by Ado. In addition, Kenjiro Tsuda (50), a voice actor and actor, played Gordon, a large man who has a big scar on her head and seems to know Uta and Shanks.

Furthermore, as a song in the play

<1> Mrs. GREEN APPLE “I am the Strongest”

<2> Vaundy “Backlight”


<4> Hiroyuki Sawano “Tot Musica”

<5> Yuta Orisaka “Continuing the World”

<6> Motohiro Hata “Where the Wind Goes”

It was also a hot topic that 6 songs were provided.

These theme songs and 7 songs in the play monopolized the 1st to 7th place in the Apple Music ranking top songs on the 16th.

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