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Fun to make and delicious to eat. It is reassuring and reassuring to have. Preserved food that keeps you healthy while feeling the season, marinated grilled eggplant that I want to make a summer staple this month.
“To cook the eggplants deliciously, it is important to be patient. If the skin is completely blackened, it means that the meat is well cooked. ”.

If you want it to last longer, it’s good to pickle it in olive oil, but if you finish it with just vinegar, it’s easy to arrange with Japanese, Western, and Chinese.
“If you add a yoghurt sauce mixed with red pepper powder and a salad of leafy vegetables, you can create a Middle Eastern-style plate.

Use it as an ingredient in pasta, other noodles, salads, or just as an apéro. If you bake it all at once and store it in the refrigerator, it will be the savior of the summer dining table.

Ingredients (easy-to-make amount)

6 medium
2 sheets
a little
white wine vinegar
about 80㎖
beet sugar
1/2 teaspoon

how to make

❶Bake the eggplant on a fish grill, griddle, or in a high-temperature oven (about 250°C) until the skin is charred black and peels off. Take it out of the burnt one and leave it for a little while. When the heat subsides, peel off the skin and cut off the calyx.

❷Cut the eggplant from ① into 3 to 4 equal pieces and place them side by side in a storage container. Add bay leaves in between and sprinkle with salt. Mix the white wine vinegar and beet sugar well and drizzle over the eggplant. Cover and refrigerate. Can be refrigerated for 4-5 days.


[How to make leaf vegetable salad and yogurt sauce]

Gently put one egg into boiling water and boil for 7 minutes. Lightly crack the shell and allow to cool. Add a pinch of salt to 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt and mix. Wash leafy vegetables (salad greens, Italian parsley, etc.) and tear them into easy-to-eat pieces. Place the marinated grilled eggplant cut in half lengthwise on a plate (1.5 sticks for one person), and top with the yogurt sauce, boiled egg, and vegetables. Drizzle the olive oil all over and sprinkle the vegetables and eggs with salt. Sprinkle with Italian parsley leaves and red pepper powder.


Tomoko Nagaga ● Food coordinator. While she is active in magazines and books, she has developed an online store, SOUPs (, which handles original pottery and other items. “I finally finished my new dinner plate,” she says.

SOURCE: SPUR September 2022 issue “Tomoko Nagao’s Preserved Food Recipes”
photography: Masahiro Sambe text: Kaori Okuda

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