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Giorgio Armani, a designer who has a passion for environmental issues, has commented that “the most important concern in recent years is the global environment.” A|X Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani have already released items using recycled materials, but in the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Giorgio’s Armani also has many items made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled materials. will appear.

The blouson and pants with the brand name drawn in blue and green on the entire item are items that use recycled cupra. The brand name is drawn on the entire surface of the item in blue and green, making it a highly fashionable item with a unique design.

385,000 yen including tax
253,000 yen including tax
T-shirts using recycled cupra are also available. Recycled cupra is used for the front of the T-shirt, and organic cotton is used for the back of the T-shirt. Organic cotton is an eco-friendly material that uses very little water during the production process compared to regular cotton. Hazy shades of green, beige, and blue are applied to the body, and the sleeves are finished in a solid navy color. The cool colors make this item perfect for the hot summer in Japan.

88,000 yen including tax
Shorts are also recommended as an item that can be used from the middle of summer. The shorts below the knee in a beautiful deep green color are made from a regenerated fiber called yosel. Taking advantage of the unique softness of lyocell, it is designed so that it can be tucked when worn. The soft drape creates a casual item that is also elegant.

A number of new collections created without compromising on comfort and fashion while being environmentally friendly are now on sale at Giorgio Armani men’s boutiques and Armani official website.

[What is Giorgio Armani]The brand was born in Milan in 1975. The designer is Giorgio Armani.
He revolutionized the fashion world by announcing an epoch-making jacket called a soft-tailored unconstructed jacket, and since then has continued to propose an essential style that eliminates pretense, an elegant, modern and sophisticated design. increase. Today, Giorgio’s Armani suits and dresses are worn by celebrities around the world and are often seen on the red carpet.

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