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“Premium Yashiomasu Bento”

Utsunomiya Station is said to be the birthplace of ekiben, where ekiben were sold for the first time in 1885. At that time, 2 rice balls and 2 slices of pickled radish cost 5 sen. 137 years later, a wide variety of bento boxes are now on sale. This time I bought “Premium Yashio Mass Bento”.

“Premium Yashiomasu Bento” with vibrant colors

Yashio trout is an improved species of rainbow trout developed by the Tochigi Prefectural Fisheries Research Station, weighing 2 to 3 kg. Among them, those that meet strict standards such as fat and color are certified as “premium yashio trout”. By the way, it’s red.

Yuan-yaki, which uses such precious trout from Tochigi, is a dish that has a large volume and you can feel the taste of the ingredients. The shredded yuzu peel on the side is also refreshing and very delicious.

Grilled Premium Yashio Trout with Yuan

The rice is vinegared rice sprinkled with white sesame seeds, topped with plenty of minced eggs and premium coconut trout. The accompanying olives and green soybeans also work as accents. Nakaochi grilled flakes have a strong taste of the trout itself.

Also, the seasoned thin bamboo that separates the egg and the trout has a strong presence, and when I ate it, I liked the taste and texture of the ingredients.

Boiled black olives and peeled edamame on top of minced eggs

White sesame on vinegared rice of Tochigi prefecture rice “Tochigi no Hoshi”

Seasoned thin bamboo has a solid taste and texture

By the way, the rice used is Tochigi Prefecture’s rice “Tochigi no Hoshi”. The main ingredient, premium yashio trout, is also a prefectural brand ingredient, and the fact that you can feel the regional characteristics is a great point as a meal on your trip.

Overall, it’s a lunch box that looks like a classic somewhere, but every item was devised and the colors were beautiful, so it was very delicious. There is red pickled ginger in the corner, but this time, due to my personal preference, I picked up the chopped yuzu peel attached to the side of the yuzuan-yaki as a rest for my chopsticks. .

I had a refreshing chopped yuzu peel as a refreshment.

“Premium Yashiomasu Bento”

price : 1200 yen
sales station : Utsunomiya Station
place of purchase : Conventional line concourse Matsunoya
Purchase date : August 7, 2022

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