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What are you going to wear on your next date? If she is sensitive to fashion, it might be a good idea for her to wear Y2K fashion, which is often talked about on the street. I’m sure she will be impressed and say, “Huh? It’s time!”

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Casually incorporate retro
Produce an adult Y2K!

Y2K fashion. You hear this word a lot these days. This means that fashion that was popular in the 2000s is making a comeback. Among women, we often see navel looks, ultra-miniskirts, and voluminous pants. People wearing short-length tops are in town, aren’t they? So what do men do in the same way? Y2K is difficult to show off, but if you follow the trend and try retro-chic fashion, you should be able to do it. Of course, this is also the trend of the season. So, the main item this time is a multi-border T-shirt that is perfect for surfing lovers. The reason I chose this is because even though it’s retro, I don’t have to worry about it becoming old-fashioned. Above all, choose one with faded colors that avoids vivid color borders. This is because the image of multi-borders changes considerably depending on the color scheme, so when it comes to date outfits, it is better to choose a light color that gives both coolness and gentleness. Of course, shorts and denim go well with this, but if you want to make the best use of this T-shirt, easy pants with loose bottoms will give you a relaxed feeling. Again, if you choose a gentle off-white, your date outfit will be perfect. You’ll look quite fashionable if you don’t hesitate to follow the latest trends, so you should be able to proudly walk beside her looking stylish at Y2K!

Multi-border T-shirt 6,380 yen, open collar shirt in hand 10,780 yen (Banks Journal/Jungle Jam), easy pants 39,600 yen (Barena/Sanki Shoji), sunglasses 28,600 yen (Blanc/Light) , chain necklace 33,000 yen (thank / hand in tree showroom), slip-on sneakers 9,350 yen (slide / HLNA)

Photo: Tomoo Masashige Styling: Takeshi Yanagawa
Photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) Styling: Takeshi Yanagawa (remix)
*All prices include tax with exceptions

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