Komon and sheliemay of the professional e-sports team “TEQWING e-Sports” have been appointed as instructors for TEAM YSA’s e-sports course! | Press release from Tech Wing LLC

Komon and sheliemay are professional gamers who belong to the Fortnite division of TEQWING e-Sports.
In addition to being active in the competitive scene as a player, he is also active as a lecturer who teaches Fortnite.

[komon player]
Age: 21 years old
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Major Achievements:
・Participated in C2S3 FNCS Grand Final
・FNCS SEMI-FINAL 18th 28th
・Hearts Wild Cup 1st place, etc.

[sheliemay player]

Age: 19 years old
Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture
Major Achievements:
・FNCS Semi Finals 8th
・FNCS QUALIFIER 5th, 6th, 6th
・ FNCS Grand Royale Victory Path 10th
・FNCS Grand Royale Load Session 4th
・WILD WEDNESDAY 1st place, etc.

A new classroom opened by Ueda Y.S.A.
There are three courses: “e-Sports (Fort Knight) Course”, “Word Excel Beginner Course (For General)”, and “Word Excel Beginner Course (For Non-School Students)” to meet the needs of the community and support children. increase.

Ueda Y.S.A. Co., Ltd.
590 Akiwa, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture


  • What is Techwing?

Limited Liability Company Tech Wing holds “Robot Class”, “Programming Class”, “eSports Game Class” and “On” in Chiba Prefecture.
Line e-Sports Dojo” provides cutting-edge education for children.
In 2020, we will open the first e-sports game class for children in Chiba Prefecture, and teach Fortnite and Minecraft in face-to-face classes in the classroom. Fortnite is taught face-to-face by professional gamers.
In 2021, we started the service of the dojo “Online esports dojo (URL:” where elementary and junior high school students can learn Fortnite online.
Techwing is working as a pioneer of companies working on e-sports as an education for children in order to establish a culture of learning e-sports (games).
We also operate a professional e-sports team “TEQWING e-Sports”.

Tech Wing e-Sports HP:
Techwing Twitter:
Tech Wing Youtube:
Tech Wing HP:

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TEQWING e-Sports is looking for requests for e-sports instructors, event appearances, lectures, etc.
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