Call for Participation! CHICO SHIGETA and Fumiko Aoyagi talk about “parenting overseas and in Japan”. |Lifestyle| (Figaro Japon)

CHICO SHIGETA, who is raising children in two cities, Paris and Thailand, and actress/model Fumiko Aoyagi, who has experience raising children in various regional cities in Germany, Tokyo, and Japan, from a wide perspective. Once again, we will hold an online event on September 9th (Friday) where you can freely talk about the differences in parenting between Japan and overseas, and the differences in educational views.


SHIGETA presided over, holistic beauty consultant
Believing that the balance of mind and body is essential for developing beautiful skin and body, she has spent many years exploring beauty methods in France and Japan. Based on her experience and achievements, I devised Vitality Coaching®. Currently, in addition to working as a personal coach for celebrities and artists in Paris, he is also active as a consultant and brand spokesperson for major cosmetics and beauty equipment companies. Her recent work includes many books such as “Let’s start ‘Reset Juice’-Paris Beauty’s Diet” (published by Kodansha). She is also editor-in-chief of Spring Step, a natural and holistic lifestyle web magazine.
CHICO SHIGETA Instagram: @chicoshigeta


Fumiko Aoyagi
In addition to magazines, he is active in various fields such as movies, TV dramas, commercials, and artist MVs. He is also active as a beauty ambassador and boat tester for Figaro Japon. She has demonstrated her talent in various fields such as writing and has gained the support of women of her generation.
Instagram: @aoyagifumiko

Japan is said to have a low level of happiness among children. What are the differences between raising children in Japan and overseas? What kind of experiences do you want them to have, what kind of children do you want them to become, and what kind of educational options are not limited to Steiner and Jenaplan? If you are worried about raising children or are interested in overseas education, why not join us?

If you would like to participate, please apply from the “Apply for online talk event” button below.

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What are the differences between raising children in Japan and overseas?
CHICO SHIGETA×Fumiko Aoyagi online talk event

Date: September 9, 2022 (Friday)
● Delivery start time: 22:00 ~ (scheduled for about 60 minutes)
Participation fee: ¥3,000
Application deadline: September 9th (Friday) until 19:00

【way to participate】
・You need to purchase a delivery ticket to participate.
・After payment, we will send the URL for viewing the seminar to the email address you entered when purchasing the ticket before the start.
・Emails from PCs may be set to reject reception or domain rejection due to mobile carrier emails, etc. Please check your settings in advance so that you can receive emails from the “” and “” domains.

・During the seminar, we will accept questions about the content via chat, but please note that we cannot respond to questions such as personal consultations.
・After the distribution ends, the archive will be distributed for a limited time.

Organizer: CCC Media House

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