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Louis Vuitton has launched a new version of the Secretaire Bureau 2.0 with innovative features and a new version of the Vanity Mahjong that reflects the Maison’s finest trunk-making heritage.

Secretaire Bureau 2.0

With its innovative features, the Secretaire Bureau 2.0 is more than just a writing desk, it is the ideal travel companion that makes you feel right at home.

First created in 1929 for the renowned orchestral conductor Leopold Stokowski, the desk trunk “Secretaire Stokowski” is a symbolic item whose roots lie in the DNA of Maison Louis Vuitton. The Secretaire Bureau 2.0 brings a contemporary vision to the Secretaire Stokowski, boasting exquisite finishes such as straw marquetry.

Opening the Secretaire Bureau 2.0 reveals folding tables and stools for comfortable work, transforming it into a fully functional mini-office. It features integrated storage space and more, making it the perfect nomadic workstation for its owner anywhere.

Straw marquetry is a rare technique with few skilled craftsmen. The interior of the trunk was designed in collaboration with Manon Bouvier, winner of the 2021 ELLE x LVMH Female Craftsman Award. Manon Bouvier is a marquetry expert and uses rye straw grown in Burgundy, France, in her creations. This technique creates a stunning visual effect. This trunk uses three colors to represent the initials of Louis Vuitton and bring a play of light.

vanity mahjong

Reflecting the Maison’s tradition of making the best trunks, the new version of Vanity Mahjong is a sophisticated and playful decorative object that allows you to enjoy mahjong, a game of strategy and skill.

This latest creation is inspired and reinterpreted by the Maison’s first mahjong set from the 1950s. 149 mahjong tiles decorated with exquisite craftsmanship are neatly arranged in six pine green colored compartments. This handcrafted mahjong set is made from walnut wood and some are engraved with Monogram Flowers.

Louis Vuitton proposes a true art de vivre (rich lifestyle) ─ With the newly added mahjong, the Maison’s “Board Game Universe”, which includes backgammon, chess and poker, will be further expanded. increase.

About Louis Vuitton
Since its founding in 1854, Louis Vuitton has consistently offered the finest quality in unique designs that combine innovation and style. Today, through travel luggage, bags, accessories, and other products, we have faithfully inherited the creative, elegant, and practical spirit of the “heart of travel” created by our founder, Louis Vuitton. It was Boldness that made the story of Louis Vuitton. Respecting tradition, it has opened its doors to architects, artists and designers throughout history, pioneering fields such as ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches & fine jewelry, and fragrances. These carefully crafted products are testament to Louis Vuitton’s commitment to craftsmanship.

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