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Continuing from the 22nd S/S season, the Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) will continue this season’s Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S/S through various measures from the center of the fashion industry to promote “SDGs that can be achieved through fashion.” will be sent.

Meanwhile, Neru Nagahama, who is active in various fields such as TV and writing essays, has been appointed as a reporter for the SDGs of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO for the third time this season. She plans to visit numerous collections and exhibition venues this time as well, and interviews about SDGs measures. In her interview on the first day of Fashion Week, she shared her thoughts on the connection between fashion and the SDGs.

“When I first served as a reporter, there were still few brands that were aware of the SDGs, but now I feel that most brands are involved in some way. When I buy clothes, I’m very curious about the background of how the clothes were made.But it’s fun to think about it.I enjoy shopping while enjoying the SDGs.
This time, I myself made an eco-bag together with Komatsu Matere, a chemical material manufacturer in Ishikawa Prefecture. It is a company that works together with the brands participating in the collection to provide materials. I went to Komatsu Matere to see how they work, and decided to make a bag using the cloth that was thrown away when making masks. ”


Fashion-loving Neru Nagahama, what are you wearing today?

Mr. Neru Nagahama, who is not just watching from the outside, but has decided to create items together this time. She also asked about her clothes that she is wearing on this day.

“This is the FETICO clothing that tops the physical collection. It’s a brand that I’ve always liked, and it looks very elegant. I also really like the high design. When I saw your collection today, there were so many clothes that made me want to wear them! I think that “FETICO” has a feeling close to what I always wear. ”

Ms. Neru Nagahama, who keeps an eye on the latest fashion. I can’t wait to see what she takes from this season’s collection.

Check them out!
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