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[JTB Co., Ltd.]

JTB Co., Ltd. and the Dotonbori Night Culture Creation Council (* 1) will digitally showcase local information rooted in the region as an initiative of the “Dotonbori Tourism DX Plan” and interact with locals and travelers. “Pivot BASE ~Travel Cafe @Tonbori~” will be opened on Saturday, September 3, 2022 in Dotonbori, Osaka (Nakaza Kuidaore Building 1F).
“Pivot BASE” has the meaning of expanding and developing a new step of travel based on this base.

“Pivot BASE ~Travel Café @ Tonbori~” (hereafter referred to as “Pivot BASE”) showcases travel and provides travelers with new discoveries and information that they “want”, as well as the information travelers discover at Pivot BASE. We have prepared a mechanism that allows you to bring it to your own smartphone.

Information that has become a hot topic on SNS is automatically collected, and a travel concierge who is familiar with the area carefully selects seasonal local information (spots, gourmet, etc.) of Dotonbori and Osaka Minami that we want to recommend “now”. We will project to the device in Pivot BASE.
In addition, you can experience a new showcase of travel using digital technology, such as a new video viewing experience using interactive video (*2) technology and travel images on an aerial display.

Pivot BASE will have a multilingual travel concierge in anticipation of the post-corona inbound recovery and the Osaka/Kansai Expo.
While catering to tourists including foreigners, by operating as a cafe that local people can also use casually, it also plays a role as a base where many tourists, including foreigners, and local people interact. Various experiences and exchange events will also be held.

In addition, at Pivot BASE, along with “transmitting information to travelers” by introducing digital technology, “traveler data marketing” will be carried out at the same time, and the “Dotonbori Tourism DX Plan” will be promoted.

■Overview of services for travelers
1.Provision of tourist information and experiences using digital technology

(1) “Town walking (interactive) videos” using the next-generation video service “Tig” (*3)

You can watch “town walking videos” of Osaka and Kansai on the tablets and signage installed in the store.
By tapping the content (stores, etc.) that you are interested in while watching, you can check detailed information and take the information out to your smartphone.
After watching the video, you will be freed from the stress of “searching by entering characters on the search screen”, and you will be able to intuitively obtain the necessary information.
In addition, in the “town walking video”, by wearing AR (* 4) glasses, it is possible to experience a more immersive and powerful video experience.

(2) Pivot BASE Original “Interactive Drama”
Drama content developed with an original story set in Osaka.
Interactive dramas are gimmicks such as choices and keyword input that allow users to customize the ending and characters of the drama (story).
Visiting Pivot BASE will also be one of the gimmicks.

(3) Hashtag collection signage (SNS-linked signage)

Carefully selected by the concierge, you can see the seasonal local information of Dotonbori and Osaka Minami that you want to recommend “now”, the best spots, and the best food on the signage by switching between daytime and nighttime.
If you are interested in a post, you can check the details with a touch and take out the information on your smartphone.

(4) Video experience with an aerial display

Aerial display (image)
By using the reflection of light, you can enjoy sightseeing videos of Osaka and Kansai without contact through an aerial display that displays images in the air.

2. Service using facial recognition technology for personal authentication (scheduled to start in 2022)

At Pivot BASE, as a travel base, we will implement a drink monthly service to temporarily store luggage and promote repeat visits.
By utilizing facial recognition technology for personal authentication of travelers, we aim to improve customer convenience and operational efficiency.

■ Services for local governments and companies
Pivot BASE collects data on store visitor attributes, signage viewing status, and device page viewing status to understand what kind of people behaved in the store and what they were interested in. analysis is possible.
By utilizing these data, various services such as sales promotions and marketing surveys will be provided to local governments that accept travelers, local tourism-related businesses, and companies that want to have contact with travelers, including foreign visitors to Japan. We will provide
In addition, we aim to promote excursions from Pivot BASE to surrounding areas and to realize tourism to other areas.

■ Store overview

・Store name: “Pivot BASE ~Travel Café @Tonbori~”
・Location: 1st floor, Nakaza Cuidaore Building, 1-7-21 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0071
・Store area: 120.44 square meters
・Opening date: 13:00 on Saturday, September 3, 2022
・Management: JTB Global Marketing & Travel
・Functions: Providing tourist information, providing promotional content for local governments and companies, selling soft drinks, alcohol, and light meals, holding various events
・Business hours: 11:00-23:00 (24:00 on the day before weekends and holidays) *Open all year round
*You need to order 1 drink per person to use.
・Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
・ Official website:

(*1) About the Dotonbori Night Culture Creation Council
The Dotonbori Night Culture Creation Council is conducting a demonstration experiment aimed at making Dotonbori a sightseeing DX by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as facial recognition technology and XR (* 5) for 2025 when the Osaka Kansai Expo will be held. is working on
With the opening of this store, we will further improve the value of visiting the Dotonbori area and promote the circulation of shopping streets, and propose new ways to enjoy Dotonbori to tourists and locals.
Participating organizations and companies (in no particular order): Dotonbori Shopping District, JTB Co., Ltd., Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, NTT Communications Corporation, TryHard Japan Co., Ltd., Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation, Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Nomura Real Estate Commerce Co., Ltd.

(*2) Interactive video
It is a video that can set up a button that the viewer can tap in the video and take action in real time when watching the video.
Video content that allows viewers to actively participate in the video, such as changing the ending of the story depending on the viewer’s choice, or displaying details by tapping a part of the video that interests them.

(*3) Next-generation video service “Tig”
“Tig” provided by Paronym Co., Ltd. ( is an interactive video that allows you to obtain various information by tapping (clicking) the information that appears in the video. technology.
Users can get the information they want intuitively, so they can seamlessly access the information they need.

(*4) About AR
Augmented Reality

(*5) About XR
Collective term for AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Mixed Reality), etc.

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