finally! ! Conquer all of Japan! !A must-see for Disney fans The long-awaited 5th installment from the Disney FUN TRAVEL series will be released on September 5, 2022 (Monday)

September 1, 2022
Dear Members of the Press,

press release
Pirates Factory Co., Ltd.

Pirates Factory Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kiichiro Watanabe Planning and production of tourism distribution goods, character goods, toys, head office Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture) will release the 5th popular Disney FUN TRAVEL series from September 5, 2022 (Monday). We will start.The new additions this time are Aomori, Yamagata, Gunma, Yamanashi, Nagano, Toyama, Fukui, Shiga, Tottori, Yamaguchi, Kagawa, Kochi, and Saga.

  • “Simple and sophisticated original design” that adds color to everyday life

Small items that decorate the desk area are likely to be useful in various scenes.

(1) Clear file ¥440
(2) Collection sticker ¥330
(3) Pop-up memo ¥550
*All prices include tax

Pouch and hand towel with excellent practicality that can be carried in a bag
If you use it with a clear key holder, it will be cute ◎

(4) Pouch ¥1,320
(5) Hand towel ¥990
(6) Clear key holder ¥550
*All prices include tax

W43×H35cm large size tote bag with gusset. Recommended for shopping and going out.
The compact purse is a stylish item that creates a Japanese atmosphere (*Pouch is Nagano version only)
It has a handle and seems to be useful as a mini bag!

(7) Tote bag ¥ 1,980
(8) Purse ¥1,320
*All prices include tax


  • Concept of each region

This is our company’s original design, in which the image color is decided from the motif that represents the land and is fused with the character. It is also ideal as a souvenir item for yourself, where you can “bring back memories of your trip”.

Aomori ver.

Yamagata ver.

Gunma ver.

Yamanashi ver.

Nagano ver.

Toyama ver.

Fukui ver.

Shiga ver.

Tottori ver.

Yamaguchi ver.

Kagawa ver.

Kochi ver.

Saga ver. We will open a limited-time shop at Ginza Loft where items from all 47 prefectures are gathered together.

Location: Ginza Loft 6F Variety Goods Corner
Period: September 5, 2022 (Monday)-October 6, 2022 (Thursday) (* Closed at 6:00 pm on the last day)

・Main sales stores: General goods specialty stores, character specialty stores, station shops, hotels, and tourism distribution
・ Publisher: Pirates Factory Co., Ltd.

* Directly managed online shop Pirate Bazaar (, you can purchase items from all 47 districts.

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Since the photos shown include those under development, they may differ slightly from the actual product.

(C) Disney

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