“THE TIME,” Eto Ai Ana as a substitute for Teruyuki Kagawa Currently appearing as a facilitator on Thursdays and Fridays-Entertainment: Nikkan Sports

TBS Ai Eto announcer (taken in November 2021)

TBS Ai Eto announcer (taken in November 2021)

It was revealed on the 1st that Ai Eto, the announcer of the same station, will serve as a substitute for Teruyuki Kagawa (56), who will leave the TBS information program “THE TIME,” (Monday to Friday 5:20 am) Friday MC in response to reports of sexual assault. rice field.

The station announced Kagawa’s departure on this day. Regarding the substitute, he said, “We plan to broadcast mainly on Anna Eto on Fridays.” Currently, Anna Eto is appearing as a facilitator on “THE TIME,” on Thursdays and Fridays. MC announcer Shinichiro Azumi supports the program with exquisite dialogue with Kagawa.

Eto Ana also appears on “Hiruobi” (Monday to Friday 10:25 am) and “CDTV Live! Live!” (Monday 9:00 pm) from Monday to Wednesday, making it a great success.

The station reported on the 1st, “We would like to inform you that Friday MC Teruyuki Kagawa will not appear on the program in the future.”

“As an information program that conveys various news, we believe that ‘THE TIME,’ should not cause distrust or suspicion among viewers. I made a decision,” he said.

Furthermore, “THE TIME,” will continue to work together with the performers and staff to provide useful information to viewers in the morning.

Regarding Kagawa, it was reported that there was a “sexual assault” action at a club in Ginza, Tokyo.

On the 26th, he appeared live on “THE TIME,” and appeared in a suit and black tie at the beginning, saying, “I apologize for causing trouble, worry, and heartache to everyone. ” he said, bowing his head.

Furthermore, on the 1st, Toyota announced that it would suspend the airing of the “Toyota Times” commercial starring Kagawa and that the contract would expire at the end of this year.

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