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Honest and dignified attire

Tilda Swinton is so cool and intelligent that she even feels sublime. She professes to be queer, and she leaps across all boundaries with ease. In her fashion, her androgynous dressing that makes use of her height of 180 cm is impressive. She often appears on her red carpet in elegant clothing, including well-tailored jackets, tailored trousers, blouses, dresses and pumps. However, it is Tilda’s style to play with her colors, patterns, and sometimes hairstyles. It’s a perfect example of how the avant-garde spirit that resides within her can make even her elegant outfit look edgy.

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Born in 1960. After graduating from university, he studied theater and made his film debut with “Caravaggio” (’86). She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for The Fixer (’07). In December, the anime movie “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” in which she acted as a voice actor will be distributed.

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Blouse ¥ 69,300 / Iza (Numero Ventuno)

1A silk-blend blouse with a smooth texture that exudes elegance. If you wear the bowtie at the neck, you can wear it casually, and if you make it a ribbon, you can wear it femininely.

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Ear cuff ¥ 63,800 / Alexander McQueen

2The silver-tone stick sways to create a solid profile.

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Dress ¥ 97,900 / TOGA Harajuku store (Toga)

3Docking tight knit and voluminous jacquard. Draw a dramatic silhouette with one piece.

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Bag ¥ 139,700 / Stella McCartney Customer Service (Stella McCartney)

FourA new product from Falabella, in which delicate crystals are arranged in a chevron shape. Because of its compact size, you want to incorporate it as an accessory.

[I want to be that person]Image of Tilda Swi_7
Necklace ¥ 64,900 / Ferragamo Japan (Salvatore Ferragamo)

FiveMaking full use of the advanced craftsmanship we have cultivated, this necklace is made by covering acrylic resin with leather. The matte chain gives it a modern look.

[I want to be that person]image of Tilda Swi_8
Jacket ¥ 253,000 / Dries Van Noten

6This season is inspired by architect Carlo Mollino’s mansion. Her short coat is in velvet jacquard, reminiscent of Italian interior fabrics.

[I want to be that person]Image of Tilda Swi_9
Pants ¥ 231,000 / Valentino Information Desk (Valentino)

7Appeared in the 2022-’23 fall / winter collection “Valentino Pink PP Collection” that left a vivid impression. Enliven your styling with an eye-opening vividness.

[I want to be that person]Image of Tilda Swi_10
Shoes ¥ 162,800 / JIMMY CHOO

8Gold-tone fringe adorns beautifully shaped stiletto pumps.

SOURCE: SPUR October 2022 issue “I want to be that person”
photography: ISEKI styling: Kanako Sugiura text: Mai Ueno

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