The kids fashion show will finally be held tomorrow! Introducing the highlights of “Japan Kids Fashion Week 2022”

“Japan Kids Fashion Week 2022” (JKFW2022) officially certified by Paris Fashion Week Kid’s Unit will be held on September 6th (Tuesday) and 7th (Wednesday), 2022 at Yokohama Osanbashi Hall. We will inform you about the highlights of this time’s “JKFW2022”.


The show will be held at Osanbashi Hall, which serves as a bridge to the world.

“JKFW2022” will be directed by L’Equipe Troyes, which has been involved in the planning, production, and production of many famous overseas luxury brands such as BVLGARI, Christian Dior, LOUIS VUITTON, and FENDI.

Osanbashi Hall will be transformed into a Parisian theater, and 54 children dressed in luxury brands officially certified by the Paris Fashion Week Kid’s Unit and domestic and international brands will runway on stage.


■ Erika Yamakawa and Takeru Nishimoto


The MC will be Mamatare’s Erika Yamakawa, who is active in many fields, and Takeru Nishimoto, who is making a buzz with her boyfriend who came back from NY.



The first “JKFW2021” Grand Prix MIU, Teen International 2022 Japan representative Tomoka Takenaka appears as a JKFW ambassador! !

[First performance]September 6 (Tue)

In order to become a world-class model, we adopt international standard curriculum lessons. The children who learned the JKFW special program lesson by Yuko, the supermodel who won the World Grand Prix, and Saori Iwata, the Japanese representative of the Mrs. Grand Prix, will finally runway on the stage of their dreams.


A special show will be held with Paris Fashion Week Kid’s Unit official certified luxury brands and domestic and international brands (AMICA kids, wA-10%, HANA & SHIDA).



■Special Guest Stage


At the Special Guest Stage, Taiki, the world’s top model who is active in numerous collections, magazines, and advertisements in New York, Europe, Korea, and Tokyo, will show off the runway and cheer on kids models aiming for the world.


Collaboration between dance performance by “Funkkid” who has produced many stars and “RKSRICKY” produced by Riku Hirano. I can’t wait to see if a new star will be born here.

[Part 2 performance]September 7 (Wednesday)


Fashion brand “FRAMELESS VILLAGE” unveiled for the first time on the stage of “JKFW2021”.

“FRAMELESS VILLAGE”, which has been attracting attention from around the world for providing costumes to the ASIAS LUXURY FASHION SPOTLIGHT kids fashion show held in Shanghai on February 20, 2022 and Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week to be held in September 2022, will perform together with parents and children this time. I will work on the costumes of! Don’t miss the parent-child link coordination of “FRAMELESS VILLAGE”, which will be unveiled for the first time in the world.

■Final stage

54 kids models won the 1st stage and the selected children can stand on the stage of the final stage. Who will win the Grand Prix!?


■Guest Special Stage


Airi Suzuki, who entered the entertainment world at the age of 8, is a former member of “℃-ute (cute)”, and is currently active as an exclusive model, actress and singer for the magazine “Ray”, will perform a runway and talk stage.


Evelyn Evelyn, who is also a member of the Japan women’s basketball team and won the silver medal as a member of the Japan women’s basketball team at the Tokyo Olympics, and Kenichi Wada, who won the second place in the Beach Flags World Championship and won the All Japan Championship for the third time in a row. People come to support kids aiming for the world.

【Awards ceremony】

The Grand Prix of “JKFW2022” will be announced!

This time, the Grand Prix winner will be eligible to participate in the fashion show to be held in Paris in March 2023 (including travel and accommodation expenses). Who will take the step to the world!? ?


Paris Fashion Week Kid’s Unit officially accredited “Japan Kids Fashion Week” will be held for the first time in Japan on October 4th (Monday) and 5th (Tuesday), 2021 at the Nagoya Noh Theater, taking thorough measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus. A large-scale kids fashion event. It is an event that supports the dreams of children who want to be active in the world, and has been featured in many media and has become a hot topic. This year will be the second time held in Yokohama.


Event name: Japan Kids Fashion Week 2022

Date and time: September 6th (Tuesday) to September 7th (Wednesday), 2022

Venue: Yokohama Osanbashi Hall


■ Live distribution (archive viewing is also possible) ticket sales

“JKEW2022” has many highlights! !

For those who are far away and can’t go to the venue, you can watch “JKFW2022” in real life via live streaming.

Since it comes with an archive, please do not worry if you cannot watch it on time.

[First performance]September 6 (Tue) 15:00-16:30 2,200 yen (tax included)

[Second performance]September 7 (Wednesday) 15:00-16:00 2,200 yen (tax included)

[Award Ceremony]September 7 (Wednesday) 17:30-18:30 2,200 yen (tax included)

“JKFW2022” live streaming ticket purchase page

[Performers]As of September 5, 2022

Erika Yamakawa and Takeru Nishimoto

Airi Suzuki, Taiki, Evelyn Evelyn, Kenichi Wada

MIU, Tomoka Takenaka

Paris Collection Designer: Kemi Akutami


Flower Artist: Hikaru Seino



L’equipe Troyes


Luxury brands provided by PARIS FASHION WEEK KID’S UNIT “FRAMELESS VILLAGE”, “wA-10%”, “AMICA・kids”, “RKSRICKY”, “HANA&SHIDA” (Hong Kong brands)

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