“Schoo for Business” was selected as “Good Service” and “Ease of use No. 1” in the “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Autumn 2022” e-learning (system) category

[Schoo Co., Ltd.]

Highly rated for being able to take a wide range of 7,000 learning contents that will be useful from tomorrow at a low price

“Schoo for Business”, a corporate training plan provided by Schoo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kenshiro Mori, hereinafter “Schoo”), which is engaged in social change based on learning and education on the Internet. “Good Service” in the “e-learning (system) category” of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Autumn 2022”, which recognizes the most acclaimed SaaS (* 1) by Smart Camp Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smart Camp”). and was selected as “Ease of use No. 1”. We will continue to support corporate learning through this service, which has been introduced in a total of 2,600 companies, and contribute to the development of adult education.

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“BOXIL SaaS AWARD” is an event that examines, selects, and awards excellent SaaS from about 3,000 services listed on the SaaS comparison site “BOXIL SaaS” operated by Smart Camp.
This “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Autumn 2022” is subject to review of approximately 6,500 newly posted reviews during the year from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. “Schoo for Business” was selected as “Good Service” and “Ease of Use No. 1” in the “e-learning (system) category” due to its high evaluation from users.

*1 SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service, meaning software as a service. It refers to the form in which functions that were provided as package software in the past are provided as cloud services.

What is Good Service?
A title given by Smart Camp to services with high total scores in each category for reviews posted on “BOXIL SaaS”.

“Ease of use No. 1”
For the 9 items of “service evaluation by word of mouth” posted on “BOXIL SaaS”, smart camp will award the highest average score for the service that meets certain criteria in each category and item It is a title given to you.
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Details and selection criteria for “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Autumn 2022” can be found on the official website (

School for Business“about

With the core value of “encountering learning content that you want to learn now”, we provide about 7,000 learning videos for adults. By providing a continuous learning environment with online videos about business manners, skills, and practical skills in sales, programming, and design, the total number of companies that have introduced it has exceeded 2,600. It is possible to provide a training curriculum based on learning videos, submit reports, and analyze areas of interest based on the user’s learning time and learning trends. Equipped with an online group learning function. It is used to meet the latent potential of each employee through self-directed learning and to provide opportunities for growth. Won first place in four categories in the online learning service survey (

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With the mission to “eliminate graduation from the world”, we are promoting social change based on learning and education on the Internet. Since its launch in 2012, “Schoo”, an online live broadcast learning community where adults continue to learn, has provided free live broadcast classes every day based on the concept of “What working adults should learn now for the future”. . Approximately 8,000 past broadcasts are available as recorded classes. For corporations, we provide “Schoo for Business” that realizes both employee training and self-development learning, contributing to the creation of an organization that continues to learn. The number of registered members is about 780,000, and the number of companies that have introduced it has exceeded 2,600.
Since 2014, we have supported the conversion of about 30 universities and educational institutions to DX. In September 2021, the DX platform “Schoo Swing” for higher education institutions will be available. We are also promoting the establishment of a “future lifestyle” that will be realized through the spread of remote education in rural areas, such as by entering into a comprehensive agreement with Amami Oshima.

Company name: Schoo Co., Ltd. (Name: School)
Representative: Kenshiro Mori, President and CEO
Established: October 3, 2011
Capital: 100 million yen
Location: 4th floor, Excel Building, 2-7 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0032
Business description: Social change based on learning and education on the Internet
URL: (corporate site) / (site for individuals) / (site for corporations) / https:// (site for higher education institutions), (owned media), (official note)

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