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[Activ8 Co., Ltd.]

Takeshi Osaka, CEO of Activ8 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which develops the production, planning and management business of virtual talent, held an event “Entertainment” hosted by Mizuho Bank on August 3, 2022 (Wednesday). We are pleased to inform you that we will be on stage at Game x Tech Pitch.

Osaka made a presentation as a leading startup company in the xR live entertainment field at this event, which featured six startup companies that provide services such as Metaverse, NFT, and blockchain. The presentation was given to many companies at the venue, Mizuho Marunouchi Tower “MIRAIS” and Zoom Live.

One of our missions is to “create the Metaverse entertainment industry”, our philosophy as a creator is “Context is King”, and our strengths are “globally acclaimed IP production capabilities” and “experience-based We gave a presentation for about 11 minutes on the synergistic effect created by combining “technical base and operational know-how”, and then answered several questions.

We will continue to actively give lectures, etc. in order to develop the metaverse entertainment industry.

■ Profile of Takeshi Osaka
Born in 1986. Representative Director of Activ8 Co., Ltd. After graduating from university, he experienced setting up the Japanese office of a foreign digital art studio. He founded Activ8 in 2016.

■ About Activ8 Co., Ltd.
Activ8 Co., Ltd. is a startup company founded in 2016 that develops the metaverse entertainment business with the mission of “increasing the choices in the living world”. By implementing the world of science fiction in modern society, we are pioneering entertainment that is reminiscent of the arrival of the singularity, and we aim to be a company that attracts the world from Japan in the metaverse x entertainment field.
We are leading the industry as a pioneer in creating virtual YouTubers since our founding, producing virtual artists, and planning and producing XR live performances.
Our company’s strength is that we can use our own studio to perform everything from metaverse-first entertainment business planning to planning and actual production in one stop. We already have our own world-famous IP, and we will continue to produce metaverse-first IP by making use of this knowledge.

[Overview of Activ8 Co., Ltd.]Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Takeshi Osaka
Established: September 15, 2016
Business: Produce, plan and operate virtual talent
URL: https://activ8.co.jp/

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