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On the 1st floor of the main building of the Isetan Shinjuku store, this project will have Bagnistas select the featured bags. This time, model Sakura Maya chose a trendy green color bag! “This season’s bag has many items with beautiful colors, and all of them can be enjoyed just by looking at the color. Here are four bags from popular brands.


Box-Trot crossbody bag XS 73,700 yen
Like the jockey of Longchamp, this bag is inspired by strong women who are unique and can assert their own thoughts and opinions. The Longchamp Horse medallion expresses the free spirit of the Parisians while softening the rigid form.

2. P+M (P+M)

is a collaboration label between MCM and Phenomenon. A new color has appeared from the popular “LAUREL SATCHEL BAG”. Nappa leather is accented with MCM’s Heritage Code Laurel print. The back is embossed with a monogram and has a zip pocket for perfect functionality.


ALIFA M 31,900 yen
An iconic bag made from Tuscany’s traditional wool material “Casentino”. “Casentino” is the name of a valley originally in Italy, where the material is produced. The unique pilling texture is called “napping wool”, and for example, the surface is treated like flannel fabric to create pilling. By evolving the texture of the material, it transforms from a classic to a trendy bag.


Level bag color block 104,500 yen
The “Level Bag” is inspired by Coach’s iconic bag “Rogue”. Classic details such as vintage-inspired luggage handles, padlocks and key hoods create a timeless and elegant atmosphere. It can be used as a handbag or worn over the shoulder or across the body using the detachable strap.

The autumn/winter seasonal bag checked by Mr. Michiki!
Brand list
2. P+M

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If you can’t decide which bag to choose, try using Isetan Mitsukoshi Remote Shopping

At handbag and wallet shops, you can introduce and purchase products using the remote shopping app. You can choose chat or video service (advance reservation required) according to the customer. If you find a product that interests you, please use it.
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