Japan’s largest class!Exhibited at the food business negotiation exhibition “FOOD STYLE Japan 2022” and released a POS + (Postus) solution that maximizes the value of “people” while improving operational efficiency | Postus Co., Ltd. press release

“FOOD STYLE Japan 2022” is a food service, ready-made meal, and food service for purchasing and problem solving that will lead to new business opportunities such as “price soaring”, “lack of human resources”, “food loss”, “decarbonization”, and “diversifying needs”. It is a business negotiation exhibition that transcends the boundaries of the retail industry. At the “POS+” booth, we will provide non-face-to-face and non-contact services that are effective against infectious diseases, such as self-checkout/ticket vending machines and POS integrated cashless payment terminals, and will explain the flow from ordering to payment in an easy-to-understand manner. . If you want customers and staff to use your store with peace of mind, or if you want to streamline store operations and reduce costs, please take this opportunity to try out the actual POS+ booth!
Going forward, we will continue to provide contactless and labor-saving services such as industry-specific cloud-based mobile POS cash registers and self-checkout/ticket vending machines to help service providers (restaurants, retailers, beauty salons) address the labor shortage. We will support the elimination and productivity improvement. *QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

■ Main exhibition contents

・”POS+ selfregi” with both self-checkout and ticket vending machine functions
“POS+ selfregi”, an optional service of “POS+ food”, is a service that allows customers to operate the cash register screen by themselves to order and pay. By reducing face-to-face and contact opportunities between customers and staff, we will reduce the risk of infectious diseases and realize labor savings by reducing man-hours for ordering and accounting operations. In addition, a single machine can be switched between self-checkout (post-payment) and ticket vending machine (pre-payment), so it can flexibly respond to store operations that change between lunchtime and dinnertime.

・”POS+ self order” where customers can complete orders on their own smartphones
“POS+ self order”, which is an optional service of “POS+ food”, is a service that allows customers to read the QR code with their own smartphone and place an order on their smartphone. By reducing face-to-face and contact opportunities between customers and staff, we will reduce the risk of infectious diseases and realize labor savings by reducing man-hours for ordering operations. In addition, since it is possible to add orders without calling staff, it prevents the loss of customer service opportunities and contributes to improving the average customer spend.

・”stera terminal” that can also be used as a POS integrated cashless terminal
“stera terminal” is an all-in-one terminal for the next-generation payment platform “stera” provided by Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd. It can be linked with a POS+ POS cash register, and a single unit can handle various payment methods such as credit cards, electronic money, and QR codes. In cooperation with the POS cash register, it prevents accounting errors due to double entry of the amount, and because it is not necessary to prepare various terminals according to the payment method, counter space can be saved and work efficiency can be improved. Furthermore, by installing the “POS+” app from the app marketplace “stera market” on the terminal, you can use the POS cash register function, store management function, and centralized analysis report function at the “stera terminal”. It can be used as an integrated cashless terminal.

■ Exhibit overview

name FOOD STYLE Japan 2022
exhibition period September 28th (Wednesday) to 29th (Thursday), 2022 10:00-17:00
organizer FOOD STYLE Japan Executive Committee
venue Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 1 and 2
Admission fee Admission is free if you register as a visitor in advance from the official website


About Postas Co., Ltd. and “POS+”
Postus Co., Ltd. has expanded its cloud-based mobile POS cash register business, which has grown to boast the top share of the paid POS cash register market in Japan since the service was provided in May 2013. Established on December 2, 2019 as a successor from a joint-stock company.
“POS+” is a solution for stores that is equipped with functions that are highly convenient for employees, realizing improved productivity by increasing store sales and reducing the workload of store operators. “POS+ food” for restaurants and “POS+ food” for retailers
retail”, and “POS+ beauty” for beauty salons, cloud-based mobile POS registers, digital membership card “POS+ connect” that enables marketing activities tailored to customer attributes, and employee attendance management “POS+ time recorder” Equipped with detailed functions such as, we support efficient store management.

■ About “PERSOL”
Based on the group vision of “Work and Laugh”, the Persol Group is developing a variety of businesses related to people and organizations, such as temporary staffing service “Tempstaff”, career change service “doda”, IT outsourcing and design development. . By promoting business activities in line with the Group’s management philosophy and sustainability policy, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the achievement of the SDGs.
In addition, through the fusion of human resource services and technology, we are actively working on the development of next-generation innovations, and we are actively working to find market value in the job change service “Midas”, and “TECH PLAY”, which empowers technology human resources and supports the construction of DX organizations for companies. We are also developing services such as the cloud-based mobile POS cash register “POS+”.

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