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These days, good old basic items such as denim and sweatshirts are attracting attention again. It is said that the origins of these styles in Japan can be traced back to the 1960s, but they were widely recognized in the 1970s. His market at Hollywood Ranch played a part in that. This time, we asked the founder, Mr. Gen Tarumi, to talk about the masterpiece “Stretch Milling ®” born in 1995.


Masterpieces made with an aesthetic eye cultivated over many years

Many people will think of jeans “PP4XX” when they hear the original item of Hollywood Ranch Market. Such as selvedge denim woven with an old-fashioned power loom, the production that followed the elements of vintage denim has been inherited while expanding the variations. Along with such jeans, there are standard original items, no longer considered masterpieces. That is Stretch Milling ®.

It was born in 1995, and as the name suggests, it is highly elastic and comfortable to wear as soon as you put the sleeves on.

“I started looking for a shirt that felt like underwear. I was particular about how to eliminate the discomfort of the part that touches the skin. They made efforts to improve quality, such as developing fabrics and training on how to sew with a sewing machine, which is difficult to handle.

Without changing the specifications of the time, we have changed the lineup according to the times and trends, such as proposing wide silhouettes and seasonal colors. The website’s special page will also be fresh for long-time fans. In other words, they flexibly accept change while maintaining their pride.

The Hollywood Ranch Market has now established a solid position with Stretch Milling®, but when it first opened, it was a bit of a fumbling around.

“At first, there weren’t many visitors, and there were times when I went to Daikanyama Station to pick up customers who came all the way from far away but didn’t know where they were. I think the Hollywood Ranch Market proposal was supported by avant-garde people.”

Finally, Mr. Gentarumi talks about what the Hollywood Ranch Market should look like in the future.

“We want to be a store that continues to evolve and grow. We want to create items that resonate with the hearts of people living in each era, and that combine the themes of remnants, seasons, and running in a well-balanced manner. I don’t know what will happen, but I hope I can always be a crucible of fashion.”

This is exactly what Mr. Gentarumi, who has been proposing a “way of life” rather than just fashion. Stretch milling ® lets you feel it against your skin.

Simple and basic with lots to say

Stretch Milling®

Long sleeve T-shirt ¥6,000

Originally, Stretch Milling ® was developed as an underwear. Currently, loose silhouettes are also included in the lineup, but basically each shape has a slim silhouette for that reason. Incidentally, the Stretch Milling Cutter®, developed from the ground up by Hollywood Ranch and His Market, is trademarked. This white model is a long sleeve T-shirt. Available in unisex sizes from XS to XXL.

flat seams

Flat seams with few steps, which are also used in baby clothes. Although it is a specification that can be seen on sweatshirts, etc., it is difficult to sew when using it on soft milling fabric.

95% cotton blended with 5% elastic polyurethane

95% cotton blended with 5% elastic polyurethane. While it stretches well, it has excellent kickback, and it is thick enough to be highly durable. A T-shirt you want to use for a long time.

The wide variety of colors is also attractive. For long-sleeved T-shirts, there are currently 10 colors. “H” is embroidered on the cuffs to match each body color.

Eternal standard that keeps close to the times without changing the basics

Stretch milling cutter series

turtleneck ¥7,000, half sleeve ¥6,000, long sleeve ¥6,000

The Stretch Milling® series currently being developed includes short-sleeve crew and V-neck, half-sleeve crew and V-neck, long-sleeve crew and V-neck, short-sleeve loose fit, long-sleeve turtleneck, boxer briefs, short-sleeve Border, 2-tone and answer to a variety of needs. By adding color development to this, there are abundant variations that can be enjoyed regardless of the season.

Hollywood Ranch Market TEL: 03-3463-5668

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