Get NFT when you take a taxi! ? The DEA “JobTribes Taxi”, which has a newly drawn illustration of “Mobile Police Patlabor” projected on the car window, will run in Tokyo for a limited time of two weeks! | Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd press release

This time, it has been decided that the “JobTribes Taxi” will run in commemoration of the collaboration between the popular anime “Mobile Police Patlabor” and the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”. In “JobTribes Taxi”, illustrations of popular characters by Akemi Takada, who is in charge of the popular character design of “Mobile Police Patlabor”, and CG illustrations of labor by art director Teruhisa Tajima are projected on the car window, and in the car, our Co-CEO You can watch an interview video in which Kozo Yamada talks about the latest game trends and web3. In addition, NFTs that can be used in “JobTribes” will be distributed to those who ride the collaboration vehicle. There are a total of 4 types of NFTs associated with taxis (taxi driver/private driver/motorcycle rider/delivery driver).

  • Outline of “JobTribes Taxi”

Period: September 19th (Monday) to October 2nd (Sunday), 2022
Applicable vehicles: Vehicles equipped with Canvas (Kokusai Jidosha, Daiwa Motor Transportation)
Area: 23 wards of Tokyo, Musashino, Mitaka area

①Projection of illustrations drawn by “Mobile Police Patlabor” on the car window (5 types in total)
②Interview video with Co-CEO Kozo Yamada on mobility media “GROWTH”
③ Distribute NFTs that can be used in “JobTribes” only for those who have boarded (4 types in total)

Taxi Driver, Chauffeur, Bike Courier, Delivery DriveTaxi Driver, Chauffeur, Bike Courier, Delivery Drive

* Due to the limited quantity, there is a possibility that the distribution will end even if the collaboration vehicle is running when the planned number is finished.
*You cannot choose the type of card.

  • What is the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”?

“JobTribes” is a trading card battle game with the theme of occupation. Characters with rich personalities who personify all occupations will appear. The points earned in the game can be exchanged for DEAPcoin. DEAPcoin can be used to purchase NFTs on the marketplace “PlayMining NFT”.
NFTs can be used as powerful battle cards that greatly affect the outcome of battles in the game “JobTribes”. In addition, the story of the game is handled by Shin Kibayashi, who was selected as one of the top six Japanese creators selected by Netflix, and you can enjoy the magnificent world view.

  • What is “Mobile Police Patlabor”?

In Tokyo in the near future, where general-purpose humanoid work machines, Labor, have become widespread, a “robot policeman” who confronts a new social threat called labor crime–a media mix project that depicts the daily life and activities of the Special Vehicle Section 2, is ” Mobile Police Patlabor.
HEADGEAR, a unit formed by five creators: Masami Yuki, Yutaka Izubuchi, Kazunori Ito, Akemi Takada, and Mamoru Oshii. The depiction of the drama, and the drama that emphasizes the daily life of unique characters, combined with high praise for content, recorded a big hit.
In 2018, the series celebrated its 30th anniversary, and many exhibitions and events were held to commemorate it, and it was a great success. The new project “PATLABOR EZY” is also on the horizon, and “Patlabor” continues to attract a lot of attention.


Based on the concept of “turning the city of Tokyo into a gallery”, it is Japan’s first mobility car window media that uses the idle time of taxis traveling in Tokyo to project advertisements on the rear side glass of the taxi. From May 31, 2021, operation will start with 100 units of JPN TAXI of Daiwa Motor Transportation Co., Ltd. and Kokusai Jidosha Co., Ltd. We plan to gradually increase the number of target vehicles, mainly JPN TAXI owned by S.RIDE’s shareholder taxi company. In the future, we plan to go beyond the conventional framework of outdoor advertising, linking with data such as location information acquired by the taxi app “S.RIDE”, and develop it so that it can display advertisements and other information optimized for the location and time of day. It is a policy to move forward. Received the 2021 Good Design Award.

■Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.
DEA, which handles GameFi platform business, is a company established in August 2018 in Singapore. We are developing the Play to Earn game “JobTribes”, the NFT marketplace “PlayMining NFT”, and the metaverse project “PlayMining Verse”. We aim to realize a world where “enjoyment turns into value” by utilizing blockchain technology.

Representatives: Naoto Yoshida Kozo Yamada
Address: 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower, #05-01, Singapore 018936
Established: August 2018
Business description: GameFi platform business

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